We don’t know much about Skull & Bones, but a deal would force Ubisoft to release its game soon.


Company sources speak of a subsidy from the Singapore government that would be canceled in the event of further delays.

It is not yet clear to us if Skull and Bones is still adrift or, on the contrary, is preparing to disembark. The title developed by Ubisoft Singapore has already gone through several records that, in some cases, confirm that pirates could leave the seas of PS4 and Xbox One. And, as icing on the cake, we already know a release date that, according to a leak, would place its premiere for the November 8th.

I was told there would be a closed test this month, but it has been canceled due to the status of the projectEthan AllUbisoft Singapore has not issued any statement as a result of this development, but Kotaku journalist Ethan Gach believes that the title should be released in the next few months. What is this confidence due to, when we have not yet seen much of the title? Well, as he explains in his tweet, the professional recalls that the developer has closed an agreement with the Singapore government to access a grantwhich introduces the obligation for Skull & Bones to be released within a stipulated time.

What do we know about this grant? Not really, but Gach responds to an interested user with the following details: “The Singapore government subsidizes the Ubisoft studio to hire and train new developers (similar to company agreements in Canada) but also requires the studio to throw a new original IP And they’re running out of time.”

Considering that the game was presented at E3 2017, it is possible that Ubisoft is preparing the launch to meet the dates agreed with the government. After all, Ethan Gach writes that “it was originally planned for early summer. It was pushed to September. Now November. I was told there would be a closed test this month, but has been canceled due to the status of the project.

Of course, it is undeniable that Skull & Bones has gone through pretty choppy seas. The game has been in development under accusations of sexual harassment at Ubisoft Singapore, which led to the dismissal of the head of the studio. Added to this, we also know that the game’s co-director and lead designer has jumped ship, so we do not know the current status of the title.

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