We Own This City Season 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?


Even though We Own This City is a “coda” to David Simon’s earlier series The Wire, it doesn’t mean that the hit crime drama won’t have a second season. We Own This City was praised by almost everyone after it aired on HBO and gave an uncompromisingly dark look at police work today. The short history of Baltimore’s notoriously corrupt Gun Trace Task Force was told in 6 episodes of a miniseries. We Own This City, like David Simon’s earlier show The Wire, took a piecemeal look at Baltimore’s society, focusing on the city’s corrupt public officials, police, and special forces. We Own This City, on the other hand, was based on a book by Justin Fenton of the same name.

As a result, the miniseries had a natural start and end, unlike The Wire, which just kept going and going. We Own This City’s six episodes also did a good job of fitting the plotline of the book into one complete season. Since the TV show We Own This City is an adaptation of a book, it makes sense that there won’t be a second season. Most of the show’s main characters were locked up at the end of season 1 of We Own This City, which adds to this idea.

Will there be a We Own This Place Season 2?

We Own This City was meant to be a miniseries from the start, which means there won’t be a second season. The series is also a story that tells us about things that have already happened in real life. The second season doesn’t have much to tell. So, there aren’t many chances that the show will get a second season.

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What to Expect from We Own This Place Season 2?

We Own This Place is a police crime drama show about a group of Baltimore Police Department officers who join the Gun Trace Task Force, a subgroup of another group. They must utilize their authority and power to control people who don’t have any. Even the best cops do not often act in a professional or moral way, as shown by the plot. The show talks about police brutality, drugs, as well as other serious crimes that happen every day around us.

The storyline for We Own This Place comes from a book written by Justin Fenton, who started his career as a crime reporter for the Baltimore Police Department. Several of the stories in this plot are based on real events. Also, as the season goes on, we’ll see how this idea of corruption gets stronger.

But the official production house or Creator hasn’t confirmed that We Own This Place will be back for a second season yet, so we don’t know what will happen in season 2. We have to wait until the whole of season 2 comes out, and then season 2 can pick up where season 1 left off. But we expect to see a group of cops fighting for the rule of law and authority that is impacted by higher authorities.

The second season of We Own This City has more to tell.

We Own This City might seem to mark the end of Simon’s story in The Wire, but that doesn’t mean it will be. We Own This City shows the results of the trials, and most of the main characters end up in jail. However, the whole point of the movie is to show that the so-called “war on drugs” will never end because the institutions that keep it going are corrupt.

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Putting the “bad guys” in jail would go against the message of Simon’s show and, to a lesser extent, its predecessor, The Wire, which was that one big drug bust or set of high-profile arrests doesn’t change a whole system. More stories established in Baltimore that continue to look at corruption and the breakdown of institutions would be a good way to naturally grow the universe.

We Own This Place Season 2 cast

If the show is picked up for a second season, we can expect to see new characters. If the story continues from where it left off in Season 1, we could also see the main characters from Season 1 again, such as:

  • Jon Bernthal as Wayne Jenkins
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Nicole Steele
  • McKinley Belcher III as Momodu “G Money” Gondo
  • Darrell Britt-Gibson as Jemell Rayam
  • Josh Charles as Daniel Hersl
  • Dagmara Domińczyk as Erika Jensen
  • Rob Brown as Maurice Ward
  • Don Harvey as John Sieracki
  • David Corenswet as David McDougall
  • Larry Mitchell as Scott Kilpatrick

How many episodes will there be in We Own This City Season 2?

Fans of We Own This City can’t wait for more episodes after the first season went well. But the makers haven’t said anything yet about the second season. With only 6 episodes scheduled for the first season, it’s hard to say how many will be in the second. Some news sources say there will be eight episodes, while others say there will be ten.

We Own This City Season 2 Release Date

Even though it’s still not clear if We Own This City will have a second season, Simon could work on it now that both The Deuce and The Plot Against America have ended. With this in mind, if a second season of We Own This City was to be made, it could come out as early as Spring 2023. But for this to actually occur, We Own This City season 2 would have to find a way to expand on the miniseries’ story in a way that fits the real-life people involved and doesn’t rely on their stories as much.

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Where can I watch We Own This City?

At the moment, only the first episode of season 1 of the crime thriller show We Own This City is out. You can watch it on HBO Max and Disney+ Hotstar, and the rest of the episodes will soon be available on the same platform.