We play Disney Dreamlight Valley: these are the reasons to create the Disney world of your dreams


Gameloft makes the leap to the big platforms with a family title ideal for all types of audiences. Farming, designing, customization, crafting and adventures come together in Disney Dreamlight Valley. A game that collects several of the most emblematic moments of Disney and encourages us to meet its most beloved characters in a great adventure that will grow over time.

Descubriendo Dreamlight Valley

The new Disney takes advantage of its own immense universe and Pixar’s most beloved works to offer an experience that picks at elements of various genres, eliminating much of what doesn’t quite work or tires the player. In the skin of a newcomer -or newcomer- that we can customize to our liking, we will arrive at a destroyed and abandoned valley that has been conquered by the brambles of Oblivion. Heroes and villains have forgotten their realm, some trapped in the brambles and others exiled to their own worlds. It will be up to us, as heirs to the ruler, to remove the brambles, stand up to oblivion and create the valley of our dreams by rescuing its inhabitants and asking them to return from exile.

An excuse very much in line with Gameloft that could very well be the beginning of a mobile game, but this time it offers something very different and closer to the traditional gameplay of PC and console adventure titles. Taking advantage of the third person view we will move through a beautiful 3D world in which we will have total freedom to cultivate, harvest, fish, sell, buy, cook, build and, ultimately, create the Disney world of our dreams. The design of the Disney characters stands out, perfectly reflected and with the original voices in Spanish that will insert different phrases with the texts, also in Spanish. These that will update us on the situation in Dreamlight Valley through multiple dialogues and conversations, yes, without voices.

the best farm

The traditional mechanics of farming, planting and harvesting are softened by the possibility of using our shovel wherever we want to create fields, a magical watering can that never runs out of water and good pockets to carry the harvest. We will depend on our energy to be able to continue carrying out tasks such as planting, fishing, breaking stones or removing brambles, but we will be able to take advantage of the multiple fruits and later fish and dishes prepared in our kitchen to maintain the type and not let the rhythm slow down. Added to this are several missions and objectives that serve as a tutorial in the early stages and that show the kinder face of a surprisingly committed Gameloft with offering a gameplay that can be enjoyed and is not as demanding as the one it usually offers on mobile.

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The feeling is that of being in front of a game that wants to be enjoyed and not pushing the player to do strenuous activities over and over again until they get tired. Yes, there are a lot of challenges and objectives that will give us coins and Dreamlight fragments. with which to open new areas and visit other worlds. However, at least in its first 8 hours, these challenges and objectives are mixed with the needs to create and the different missions to offer a satisfying and well thought-out set in which almost everything gives us rewards that allow us to continue advancing in the adventure. without there being big stops or heavy moments.

The glamor of Disney world

With a game proposal that feels halfway between Stardew Valley and The Sims with some moments reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts due to the mixture of Disney figures and real characters, Disney Dreamlight Valley puts the accent on its characters by going beyond the easy use of their fame. Capturing their situation in this valley eaten by Oblivion from the hand of a history and a personality of their own for each one of them. For the little ones, it will be a walk of fame in which they can interact with their favorite characters. The older ones, however, will be able to understand the depression of a Mickey who longingly remembers Minnie, the darkness behind Goofy’s need to keep his spirits up, or the clueless dances of a Merlin who combines oblivion with memory loss. of his advanced age that borders on Alzheimer’s.

Some mature touches in a very colorful game that is not afraid to mention the different works of Disney, its world and its lore introducing some winks to his movies, series and even first animated shorts that will delight the fans more faithful of the producer. Build Remi’s house, clear the valley of darkness, discover different worlds and shape this kingdom as we want while we make friends with its inhabitants and learn to count on their help… Everything becomes, thanks to its smooth gameplay , in one of the most interesting challenges that we have found in the games of the franchise and that show that Disney is determined to return to the world of video games through the front door.

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Housing and customization

One of the things that has surprised me the most in Disney Dreamlight Valley is how affordable it is when it comes to getting items for your house, the valley, or even your character. Although the version tested on Xbox Series X is the Ultimate, which includes a lot of content and premium currency for the passes; the new Gameloft is friendly in its early stages for users who want to take advantage of its freemium nature. Today it is necessary to pay for early access on Playstation and Nintendo Switch, being able to choose to pay for one of its packs or take advantage of its arrival at no added cost to Game Pass on Xbox and PC. However, playing on a flat account without access to extras, Disney Dreamlight Valley offers many gifts and a fairly affordable way to opt for content such as furniture, decorations, star coins and even clothing that we can customize with drawings, colors, prints and lines.

We will be able to use star coins -the currency of the game- to improve buildings, get seeds and buy objects and clothes in Uncle Scrooge’s shop. These coins are very easy to get, allowing you to decorate your house, expand it, obtain elements for landscaping the valley and buy a lot of iconic Disney elements in a huge series of collections that, hopefully, will grow over time. The same can be said of the dreamlight fragments, which will help us open new areas of the game. removing the giant brambles and dark pillars. Just do normal activities to get a lot of fragments that will help us advance in the adventure at a very good pace.

Along with the campaign and the freedom to create our valley of dreams, Disney Dreamlight Valley will offer a large handful of events. We have been able to test the Disney Pixar event, which offers a lot of gifts and personal items in exchange for special Pixar coins that we can win by completing different challenges of the event. Nevertheless, to make the most of it and get the best gifts it will be a good idea to pay for the premium pass which will allow us to open the path of the stars and get even more rewards, including premium coins. Hopefully, new worlds, events, and characters will arrive as the game gets closer to its retail release and eventually leaves Early Access.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a gift for all Disney fans, especially if you have little ones at home. Its customization possibilities, its constant winks and the fidelity with which it captures the different universes of classics and Pixar works are a joy. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to getting resources, although if you want to go beyond the main story and enjoy the seasonal events and rewards, the best way is to get the premium pass. This one requires you to spend premium coins which are hard to come by without paying for the founders pack or Ultimate edition. However, the game is totally enjoyable without having to pay -in the event that you have Game Pass on Xbox or PC, since today it is necessary to pay for early access on other platforms- with plenty of content and materials to keep the player entertained and advance their story.

Being an early access we are not going to do the analysis or give it a grade yet, but today Disney Dreamlight Valley points out plenty of ways. Getting to know its characters, discovering its secrets and gradually opening up the valley is just the tip of an iceberg that includes the possibility of entering new worlds and visit places as diverse as the kitchen of Ratatouille, the world of Vaiana or the distant future of Wall-e, all with their original soundtracks. Later we will continue talking about the game as it includes new content and gets closer to its final version, which will be free on all platforms. For now, we are facing a very interesting game proposal that will delight Disney fans and all those who are looking for relaxing games in which there is something more than shooting and dodging bombs.

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