Wearing Fat Clothes From A Jenny Craig Ad While Criticizing The Diet Culture, Valerie Bertinelli


Wearing “Fat Clothes” From A Jenny Craig Ad While Criticizing The Diet Culture, Valerie Bertinelli:

The Food Network star said within a video posted Tuesday to her Instagram account, “I found the clothes I was wearing within my very first “before” picture for Jenny Craig.”

Bertinelli wears a pink button-down shirt and jeans in her video. She wore the same shirt and jeans in a diet company’s ad from 2009. During a cover shoot for People magazine that same year, Bertinelli also stood in a bikini next to the picture.

“I thought that I was fat the last time I wore these clothes,” she told him. “I’ve never felt happier, more at peace, or mentally and emotionally healthy than I do today, and I’m wearing my “fat clothes.” That’s not right.”

Drummond Was Moved By Her Courage And Sense Of Self-Worth:

Drummond, another cook on Food Network, was moved by how brave and sure of herself she was. He wrote a nice comment in the comments part. The Pioneer Woman star said, “Valerie, your honesty is so beautiful, as well as you’ll never know how many young and older women will be helped by these posts.”

Bertinelli says in the video, “I have done so much mental and emotional work to recover from years of, ugh, pretending anything was fine when it wasn’t.” “Health is not a matter of weight.

The number on a scale is not a measure of health. Your body doesn’t decide how valuable you are as a person.” Bertinelli sports a swimming suit and a towel around her waist in the Jenny Craig ad from 2009.

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Valeria Bertinelli I Shed 40 Lbs:

As she talks to the camera, the picture of her in the pink top and jeans shows to her right. The words “lost 40 lbs.” are written under the picture. Below those words, within smaller, less clear writing, it says, “Results are not typical.” This is so funny that it’s hard to take it seriously.

She wrote in the text that she discovered the old clothes at the back of her closet and is glad she kept them even though she doesn’t know why. “I keep trying not to hide my feelings or dull them with food or drink, as well as here I am. She wrote, “I am enough.”

“Our bodies are not what make us who we are as people.”You can’t tell how much love your heart holds by the number on the scale. Please love everything about yourself. YOU ARE SUFFICIENT.”

Even Though Bertinelli’s Message About Accepting Your Body Is Likely To Be Heard By Many:

“With the assistance of my Jenny Craig consultant Kathy, I lost 40 pounds as well as gained self-confidence!” In the commercial, Bertinelli says this as she whips off her towel and her “before” picture goes away. In Bertinelli’s Instagram video, she seems upset with the way she was thinking when she filmed that Jenny Craig ad.

Even though Bertinelli’s message about accepting your body will probably hit home with a lot of people, the fact that she said she thought she looked fat the last time she wore that outfit still gives the message that being fat was bad.

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Aubrey Gordon, an activist, author, as well as podcaster who uses the word “fat” to describe her own body, said on NPR’s “All Things Considered” during January individuals who wear straight sizes ought to employ more specific language when they “feel” fat.

She Said That This Takes Away The Bad Meaning Of The Word “Fat”:

She said that this takes the bad meaning out of the word “fat” and makes it easier for people to understand how they really feel. Bertinelli shared on Instagram in June how much better she feels shortly after making some changes to her lifestyle and putting her mental health first over the past few months.

“So it’s probably time for me to go down another size in jeans. I don’t think it’s true. “And it all started within November, the month I got divorced from Tom Vitale,” she said in the clip. “Then I really started to care about my social and mental health. When I started doing that, I began to worry more about the food I put into my body.”

Gordon Said That Companies Are Trying To Make Money Off Of How We Feel About Our Bodies:

“I will say that for me, the things that help me get back on track with my body are things that help me see where some of our most simplistic ideas regarding body size come from.

And most of them come from really unreliable sources,” Gordon said, citing Jenny Craig as an example of a company that wants to make money off of our bad body image.

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“Now, here’s a nice thing about Dry January. A few months ago, these pants I’m wearing were so tight that I couldn’t button them. “Now that they’re so big, I need to go down a size,” she stated at the time in an Instagram video. “Yeah, I really like that side effect.”

The second reason has to do with how stressed out the person is. “I want to stop the cortisol within my body from going crazy like it has for the past five or six years. I have been within fight, flight, freeze, as well as baby mode. She stated at the time, “I want to rest as well as digest.” “I think cutting out alcohol could assist me do that.”