Wellmania Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far


Wellmania, a new comedy-drama show from Australia, takes place in Australia. People say that Netflix and the Australian actress and comedian Celeste Barber are collaborating on the development of this new show. Also, according to recent reports, the TV show would be based on Brigid Delaney’s novel of the same name. Wellmania also tells the story of a woman who is forced to make changes to her life in order to enhance her health and start a wellness journey.

Brigid Delaney, the author, is also involved in the making of the series, which she also helped to create. Reports say that Belinda King and Benjamin Law, who are co-executive producers of the show, will also be in charge of the writing team. If you want to know what happens in the series, you’ve landed in the correct location. Here, we’ll tell you all you need to understand about the forthcoming Australian comedy-drama show “Wellmania,” including when it will start, who will be in it, what it will be about, and other important details.

Wellmania Season 1 Plot

Liv is having trouble. She is an Australian woman whose life has been a little stressful. She is shocked when she realizes that her health may not be as good as she thought. Her health scare makes her think about how stressful her life is and how out of shape her body is, and she tries to make changes. Liv will get involved in and learn about the health industry in all its Instagrammable glory. She will also do things she might never have done before. It will be a test to see whether she’s able to become healthy with the help of some friends and the pushback of others.

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Along the way, she will try some of the most extreme health and wellness practices. Liv tries to finish a tough 101-day fast first. She will have to do everything she can to get through it as she tries to find for her inner strength. Liv also does a lot of yoga for the first time, and she will keep doing it no matter what other people think. Her inner voice and her need to give up are at odds with each other. But she soon starts meditating, deep breathing, and going on retreats that are meant to help her get back in touch with herself. Liv will also keep a record of her travels as she goes.

Even if she didn’t want the colonics and Balinese healing treatment options, they must have been good for her health. But when Liv finds all these different ways to test herself, she begins to wonder if it’s worth it. Even though she goes to the juice bar and sneaks away, she might not be happy. They could even be expensive ways for her to behave like she knows how to solve her problems. Will Liv find happiness if she keeps doing things that don’t really make her happy? It will also focus on what wellness really means to the average person. After talking to friends, doctors, and maybe even a few paramedics, she might find that the answers aren’t what she thought they would be.

Wellmania Season 1 Cast

In 2021, the first news about the show was that Celeste Barner would play Liv. Some of the other shows where the actress has been seen are The Letdown, How Not to Behave, and The Outback. Que Minh Luu, who is in charge of the subject matter for Netflix, said that she is the best choice for the series’ main character because she is funny and loves being Australian. JJ Fong will play Liv’s best friend, Genevieve Mooy will play Liv’s mother, and Lachlan Buchanan will play Liv’s brother, according to the 2022 second wave of the cast release.

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Remy Hii, who plays Gaz’s fiancee, Alexander Hodge (from “Insecure”), Simone Kessell, and Virginie Laverdure. Johnny Carr, Miranda Otto, Leah Vandenberg, and Aden Young, who round out the supporting cast, are also new to the show.

Wellmania Season 1 Release Date

The series “Wellmania” will be on Netflix on March 29. Wellmania will have eight episodes that are each half an hour long.


The story will be about someone who makes big changes in their life for their health and their writing career. Liv knows that writing about it helps her, too, and she’s interested to see where the industry will take her. It might not be the best strategy as she begins to bring attention to her newly extreme lifestyle.

Another non-American show going to head to Netflix is Wellmania. This trend has stuck around, which is great for people who want to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

The eight-episode TV show set in Australia, where the book was first written, has been given the green light. Netflix might opt to keep the series going if it does well since Australian TV and movies are well-liked by people all over the world.