went from being a laughingstock to a show of pure creative muscle


A few weeks ago a DLC called Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack that, as its name suggests, was called to honor the legacy of the Washington studio through unlockable weapons, dialogue and all kinds of winks. Being an avowed fanboy, I don’t have to say I’ve been since. looking for a sword with a fiery edge enjoying these contents. There is a specific one that has made me reflect, yes: it is the Claws of Greed dungeon (Grasp of Avarice in English) which in my opinion shows where the company is in terms of creativity and how much it has grown in recent years.

Let’s put ourselves in context, okay? I remember that when the original Destiny went on sale, the specialized critics expressed a mixed opinion on it. It was clear that it was a very special game, yes, but also very harsh: the most interesting part of the story had been collected in text fragments housed in the accompanying application for the mobile, there was material evidence of the first expansions and I would say that the biggest laughingstock of the moment was the so-called “loot cave”; a space in the Cosmodrome where enemies appeared without stopping. Of course, that exploit grotesquely exploited for weeks.

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It might sound stupid, but the matter was so controversial at the time that even Techland’s Dying Light included a reference – among other jokes, it seems they had it taken with Bungie – and after it was fixed, the developers themselves implemented a easter egg honoring the matter. The loot cave had become a tale, a fable, a legend. But I think it left a very different kind of imprint on the “non-believing” public, those who had a raised eyebrow at the controversy that Destiny was going through: without the humor of Borderlands or the narrative force of Halo, this was another type of play. Something we could label as loot-driven game, but in a pejorative sense. The loot was valuable, exciting, and rare; which made a wrong product addictive.

It’s been a long time since then, and Bungie has gotten a better look at their game. The Destiny franchise continues to define itself through great experiences, of unique moments that have been embedded in the hearts of his followers to the point of making them return no matter how many frustrations the realities of the metagame carry with them. The umpteenth problem with the Telesto fusion rifle programming may ruin a whole weekend of Trials of Osiris for me, but I will be back again as soon as new content arrives because there is no other title that excites me so much like this every time a raid opens. Knowing this, it’s almost poetic that the 30th anniversary DLC decides return to that point.

D2 uses loot as an engine to create mechanics and stories

The Claws of Greed dungeon begins right in front of the Loot Cave as we knew it in 2014 – firing a tireless horde of hive minions. That meeting too introduce a mechanic very simple: enemies drop engrams, and each of these brings a buff cumulative which in turn must be deposited on nearby crystals. True to its name, the booster of yore kills its wearer in a matter of seconds unless it is deposited … or another one accumulates. Needless to say, what Bungie does there is represent a theme through playable mechanics, and it also does it with good judgment because that cave that we already know serves as a tutorial.

Destiny 2 (Bungie)

Naturally, as we move forward in the activity the matter is getting complicated. For example, the first boss encounter forces us to collect engrams in two different rooms separated by a huge ogre. It is impossible to fill the counter in just one, so we are given the option of succumbing to greed and risk losing everything by moving from one room to another or slowly depositing the power-ups in the corresponding crystal. Any MMO would settle for simply asking us to juggle these things – which is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you – but D2 goes a step further and adds a new layer of depth to the subject: in parallel to the main encounters, too tells a story.

The origin of the dungeon is in the players

Via collectibles and hidden dialogue, we are introduced to the guardian who is likely responsible for unearthing all the loot we collected back in the day, Wilhelm-7. He entered the cave with his ghost Bismarck and his squad, convinced that he would find great riches within. Nothing could be further from reality: the more I explored, the better equipment I found; although those possessions they ended up driving him crazy And wreaking ever darker havoc One of his companions fired at the other “for a medium-quality pulse rifle he already had,” and they later end up taking down his specters. Bismarck’s death is the most striking, because it is his master who sets a trap for him. A clumsy movement, which threatens the immortality of the latter.

Destiny 2 (Bungie)

Specifically, Wilhelm-7 shoots himself in the leg to force his companion (who had made the wise decision to hide) to leave. When it shows itself, it destroys it. That leaves the exo concerned with a wounded leg and a lot more loot than he can carry. Do you see any Pattern there? By the time we discover a message in which the protagonist of this story makes fun of his dead friend with a “I’ve got the god roll of the shotgun you wanted “we will have entered a skull shaped cave and the musical theme that you will find under these lines begins to sound, courtesy of the Destiny Music Collective channel on YouTube. Bungie was offering a downloadable of it in its store along with the DLC.

That’s it: the loot cave, and the greed we experienced seven years ago, has been transformed into a pirate story culminating in a confrontation with the fallen captain Avarokk and the small robotic stinger (parrot-like) that accompanies him. That last one is called R-M80, by the way, which in English reads like the expression “arr, mateyUntil he found him, the path was full of traps that Wilhelm-7 may have left to prevent others from getting his prized loot, as well as the vaunted mechanics of greedy engrams. Halfway between victim and villain, this The latter appears at the end of the mission, placed in a coffin-sarcophagus, with his wooden leg and surrounded by engrams. reward? Well, some of the best weapons from the original Destiny, such as the Eyasluna hand cannon, the Kilometer Gaze sniper rifle or the Assassin 64 shotgun, which may be the one we talked about above.

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Within the fantasy and science fiction framework that concerns us, the Claws of Avarice dungeon is not very far from what we have already seen ad nauseam in Los Goonies, Pirates of the Caribbean The The treasure Planet; but the beauty in this case is to see how everything has been spun. When Bungie handed over the Halo saga to Microsoft, it set out to create a game loot focused. Not everything was fair game from the beginning – some things, yes, we’ll talk about them another time – but instead of turning the wheel to take a safer route, they decided to keep looking for their own path. Today, it continues to remain the benchmark of the genre, more or less like Pokémon it is in the field of monster collecting. And it’s still the perfect example of how something as gross as a character’s gear can lead to interesting content and stories.

In case you’ve been wanting more, here’s a little thread with other examples of winks, references, and stories that came to Destiny 2 with the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC. This is definitely not the first or the last time the studio has experimented with the fourth wall (investigating the background of the Ahamkhara) although I think it is the best way to illustrate how the IP has changed over time: It continues to offer the kind of adventures it always has, only a little better each time. Now, its managers are working on several more expansions starting with The Witch Queen, which arrives in February 2022; although it is anticipated that we will have other franchises with your signature in the next few years. It will be necessary to see what they are capable of with that creative genius that have.


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