Wesley Snipes responds to whether he would be Blade again


It was in 2019 when it came to light that Marvel had chosen Mahersahala Ali to play Blade in the next reboot of the series, something that hurt the fans. However, to Wesley Snipes (the actor who had played him until now) did not seem to bother him, despite which fans continue to frequently ask him if he would play the character again. And your answer is excellent:

Translation: Yes, can you be Blade again? to which he answers “I am Blade … forever. “

Wesley does not refuse to regain his role as the Marvel character, even though it was not announced that he would not be in charge. However, the development of the project does not make it clear whether at present and with the configuration of the Marvel Extended Universe, there would have been room for his return. Not surprisingly, at the time he congratulated Mahersahala Ali and said he hoped “to work together one day.”

Maybe it will be in the next Comic Con when we know something more about the return of Blade, if it will be a Reboot on his daughter as rumored or if we will even see something else from actor Wesley Snipes.

Source: Comicbook

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