Westworld: 10 Problems I Still Have With Season 3


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maeve westworld season 3

To begin issues off on the right footing, Westworld ranks as one among my favourite TV reveals of the final decade, each by way of sci-fi escapism and theory-indulgent conversations. I’m an adorer of the ensemble solid’s consummate excellence, and a fan-apologist for the inventive staff’s extra questionable ebbs and whims. Actively searching for out Westworld‘s story points is not a part of my narrative, because it had been, however even I needed to decrease my rose-colored glasses quite a lot of occasions through the now-concluded Season 3.

Like many different followers, my hopes for the third season had been as lofty as Westworld‘s plant-covered skyscrapers, coming after that game-changing Season 2 finale, with the power of latest solid members comparable to Breaking Unhealthy‘s Aaron Paul and Black Swan‘s Vincent Cassel. And positively, a lot about Season 3 may be celebrated as achievements, with the present’s performing and cinematography as beautiful as ever. Still, I could not assist coming away from the season as an entire with a number of lingering points that I’d managed to keep away from in earlier years. So listed below are my greatest peeves and grievances from “The New World,” in no specific order.

serac and rehoboam westworld season 3 finale

Serac And Rehobaom Have been By no means Talked about Earlier than

Engerraund Serac and his predictive A.I. Rehoboam had been so very important to humankind {that a} information breach was the catalyst for mass riots, suicides, and so on., and that is on prime of Serac’s firm being a huge tech-world quasi-rival of the Delos Company that hunted and successfully “killed” outliers who did not mesh with Incite’s vibe. But not one of the human characters in Season 1 or 2 ever talked about any of it. Plus, I guess it means not one of the sadistic monsters who went to Westworld and the opposite Delos parks had been thought of to be outliers in any respect.

Clearly creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Pleasure did not have each Westworld story beat deliberate out from the start, however they did inevitably select to make the Incite lifestyle so universally adopted. Is it dumb that I’d be completely advantageous with them going again and including new dialogue/scenes to Season 1 and a pair of that did incorporate references to the Serac brothers and their units?

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The Actual-World Chaos Undercut Dolores’ Huge Plans

Westworld set many as much as assume Dolores would lead a Host military into waging warfare on a tech-obsessed humanity in Season 3. However whereas folks had been certainly consumed by devices and information, Dolores’ vengeful mission misplaced practically all of its steam as soon as it turned clear the “actual world” was simply as fucked up and pre-programmed because the Delos parks. The parallel riffs may need felt extra dynamic and poignant underneath completely different pretenses, however her revolution and loss of life had been sorely muted by Rehoboam’s large impression on human conduct, in addition to the shortage of morally upstanding flesh-and-blood characters.

the man in black in white westworld season 3

The Man In Black’s Erratic AF Storyline

For 2 seasons, Ed Harris’ anti-villain The Man in Black was one among TV’s most intriguingly enigmatic characters, particularly when incorporating his youth. Nevertheless, the character’s staggered Season 3 arc was a largely blasé and empty affair, save for the group remedy session and the finale’s post-credit reveal of the Man in Black Host. Positive, I’m nonetheless enthusiastic about what’s coming subsequent, however with out as a lot confidence that it will wow me past the facility of Ed Harris’ sneer.

caleb in military gear westworld season 3

Caleb Is Apparently The Solely Non-Rapist To Have Visited A Delos Park

I know Dolores would not have a contact listing stuffed with reliable human beings who may also be sympathetic to sentient androids, however definitely she ought to have had extra candidates for confidantes than “the man who flippantly satisfied different supposedly respectable troopers to not rape any robots a number of years in the past.” What a savior.

charlotte on the phone westworld season 3

Too A lot Confusion Over Dolores’ Pearls

When Dolores smuggled a handful of Host pearls out of the Delos parks within the Season 2 finale, it appeared like a good way to construct thriller in Season 3. At occasions, that was achieved. For essentially the most half, although, Westworld dripped these reveals out till confirming that the non-Bernard pearls had been simply clones of Dolores, which felt extra like a “Gotcha!” than a germane bombshell at that time.

bernard in the sublime headset westworld season 3 finale

Bernard’s Most Attention-grabbing Moments Have been His First And Closing Scenes

Just like how Ed Harris’ excellence felt partly squandered in Season 3, Jeffrey Wright was confronted with Bernard’s meandering storyline. Issues opened promisingly, with Bernard as a self-controlled fugitive residing and dealing amongst actual folks, however he instantly reverted again to confused-detective mode. Fortunately, the character’s story ended simply as confidently, which included an emotional go to with Arnold’s spouse Lauren earlier than an prolonged voyage into The Chic. In between these sequences, although, Bernard bounced from location to location (alongside the returning Stubbs) as little greater than glorified exposition. Be higher, Bernard.

westworld outliers solomon

No Actual Decision For All The Frozen Outliers

Positive, Westworld is a darkish present, however what’s extra disturbing than the reveal that Aaron Paul’s Caleb was quasi-brainwashed by Serac’s folks into kidnapping and/or murdering folks as guided by Rehoboam information, all for the still-living folks to be declared useless put into everlasting states of hibernation till an eventual “remedy” is discovered for his or her outlier standing. However did all these folks really die when Dolores hit that EMP in Episode 9? Are there now a bunch of rotting corpses smelling up the Solomon facility in Sonora, Mexico?

maeve in field westworld season 3 finale

Maeve Continuously Getting Shafted Over All the pieces

Thandie Newton’s Maeve wasn’t created to observe a happiness-infused narrative, so it is completely pure that the character’s rise to sentience and past has been one marked with numerous tragedies. However Season 3 heaped on the tragedies and down-trodden moments with none of the survivor savagery we have seen in seasons previous, and even the story company. Maeve was utilized by Serac and his simulations, she completely misplaced her real love Hector, she was killed by the Musashi clone, and he or she was killed by Dolores, all with out ever getting her promised reunion along with her daughter within the Chic. Of anybody in Westworld, Maeve is one who’s least-deserving of such fates.

westworld skyscrapers season 3

Neato Cityscapes Aren’t As Visually Attention-grabbing As Delos’ Parks

Sure, Westworld‘s visuals did get an aforementioned shout-out, however that is simply evaluating Westworld to most different TV reveals. When stacked up towards itself, although, the present’s visible mastery sagged laborious by setting the vast majority of Season 3 in the true world. The transient moments that did incorporate the Westworld park had been a splendid reminder, as had been the encircling areas inside the Warworld simulation, although they had been too few and much between. It is cool to observe flying automobiles flying via numerous skyscrapers, do not get me fallacious, however nothing about Westworld‘s San Francisco or L.A. places had been wherever close to as memorable because the abundance of nature inside any of Delos’ creations.

The Lack Of Robert Ford

Westworld understandably left lots of acquainted characters behind by largely vacating the parks in Season 3, and the inventive staff did a commendable job of peppering in cameos of favorites comparable to Angela Sarafyan’s Clementine and Jimmi Simpson’s youthful William. However inform me this chaotic storyline would not have turn out to be a lot extra grounded and significant by even a single look from Anthony Hopkins’ Robert Ford, whose signature reflections on existence are the muse for Westworld‘s ethos and pathos.

With Season four coming sooner or later sooner or later, Westworld can simply revert me again right into a guilt-free fanatic who would solid doubt upon the whole lot I’ve mentioned above. However till these episodes begin to arrive, I’ll be crafting conspiracy theories about how the human Man in Black is not really useless but.

Westworld Season 1-3 can at present be streamed on HBO Go and HBO Now. You’ll want to sustain with all of the upcoming TV goodness by bookmarking our Summer season 2020 premiere schedule.

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