What Are CBD Capsules? The Benefits and the Downsides


CBD capsules are one of the most popular products within the CBD industry. While CBD oil tinctures are often considered the most well-known and traditional form of CBD, capsules are loved for their simplicity and ease of use.

When it comes to convenience, CBD capsules are often promoted as the best option. Not only are they a little more discreet than oils, but also quick to use.

So, are CBD capsules and CBD pills really an excellent alternative to the more traditional products? Let’s take a look at the challenges and benefits of CBD capsules and find out whether they really are worth trying.

CBD Capsules What Are the Options?

A common misconception is that CBD capsules are limiting, providing a set amount of CBD, and leaving no room for personalizing the amount and way CBD is used. However, this is not entirely true. There are many different CBD capsules on the market, offering customers almost as much choice as there is with CBD oils.

Most brands offer a few different strength capsules and pills, making it easy for their customers to find the perfect amount of CBD to suit their needs. There are also a number of different options when it comes to the texture and size of CBD capsules.

There are three types of CBD capsules offering a slightly different experience of consuming based on personal preferences. Options include hard CBD pills, CBD capsules, and CBD soft gels, which have a gummy-like texture and can often be chewed.

It is also increasingly easy to find CBD capsules containing added ingredients for enhanced effects. Caffeine for a small energy boost and melatonin to improve sleep are two trendy additions.

The Benefits of CBD Capsules

#1 Small and discreet

One of the major benefits of CBD capsules is that they are super discreet, making them a great option when consuming CBD in busy situations. Most CBD capsules are designed so that they have a similar appearance to other common capsules and pills, ensuring that they do not draw unwanted attention.

#2 Quick to use

CBD capsules are quick to use and are often recommended for people who lead busy lives and find they never have the time for products like CBD oil tinctures. CBD capsules require no extra effort and are ready to use straight out of their packaging.

Having to set aside time during the day to take CBD can quickly become frustrating and time-intensive when done regularly. The ease at which CBD capsules can be consumed is mainly for people using CBD to manage long-term health conditions, like chronic pain.

#3 Precise amount of CBD

One of the significant benefits of CBD capsules is that they contain a precise and pre-measured amount of CBD in each capsule. When measuring out CBD oils or dividing up CBD edibles, it is easy to make miscalculations. 

CBD capsules take the stress of having to manage the amount of CBD being taken. Capsules should always state clearly on the packaging how much CBD they contain, making it super easy to track how much CBD is being consumed each day.

The Downsides of CBD Capsules

#1 Delayed effects

For the effects of CBD capsules to be felt, they must first be processed within the body before they can take effect. While this process can take as little as ten minutes, this is still slightly slower than with some other products, such as topicals and oils.

#2 Restricted dosage control

The range of CBD capsules available is continuously growing, making it easy to find capsules that provide the desired amount of CBD. Despite this, capsules are still more restrictive when it comes to dosage control than other CBD products like oils which can be measured out to the precise mg.

#3 Repetitive 

For many people, the effects of CBD are the most noticeable when CBD is consumed regularly, which means having to make CBD part of one’s everyday diet. Having to use the same product every day can quickly become tedious.

Products such as edibles and flavored oils try to make the experience of consuming CBD a little more fun with tasty flavors. Many CBD brands also offer the same strength oils in a few different flavors allowing them to be easily mixed and matched to help keep things interesting.

With CBD capsules, it is not so easy to make them feel fun and enjoyable each day. Luckily CBD capsules are super quick to use and therefore should be easier to work into daily life than some other CBD products.


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