What are the Benefits of Chip-on-board LED Lighting for Cannabis?


The popularity of indoor cannabis cultivation doesn’t need an introduction. More and more people are looking into easier and more accessible ways to grow and cultivate cannabis from the comfort of their homes or the grow room settings they have sorted out.

Even some of the best sativa strains for 2022 are cultivated indoors without any compromise. The use of HPS lights is long gone and the same is now replaced with LED lighting. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it is also a lot more powerful and worth the hassle.

This article will explore some of the top benefits of LED lighting on cannabis growth and cultivation.

Why are COB LED lights better?

The COB LED lights are indeed comparably smaller in size. However, they utilize the latest technology, which packs in a lot more power than you’d expect or anticipate in a light set-up for growing cannabis indoors

Following are some of the potent benefits that are worth discussing:

  • Improved Lumen Density

The practical design of the chip on board LED lights offers more space that enables users to pack in more LED lights into a compact space available on the board. With an improved uniformity in the placement of the individual LED lights, it becomes a lot easier for the growers to experience an improved light intensity and lumen density, which is crucial to the optimal growth of the cannabis plants.

  • Greater Focused Light

There are a few strains of cannabis that thrive off of the focused light. Since they are so dependent on the sunlight or direct light source, having access to a good-quality COB LED light set-up makes all of the difference. The COB light condenses the LED light chips into a compact space with the associated reflectors in the surrounding. The reflectors are also responsible for improving the light spectrum, which is necessary for the growth of the cannabis plant – especially in the flowering stage.

  • Compact size
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With most of the LED grow lights, the common complication lies with the space. Most of these light boxes occupy a lot of space, making it difficult for the plant to grow freely without any compromise. COB LED lights have a compact design, with optimal uniformity that is ideal for smaller grow rooms as well.

  • Lowered heat

Grow lights are often required to be switched on for up to 15-16 hours daily to support the optimal growth of the cannabis plants. This often leads to overheating complications, which can be averted with the COB LEDs. They produce lower heat, which prevents the risks of accidents inside the grow tents. No longer will you have to worry about damaging the plants or the surroundings any further.


If you are confused about COB LED grow lights and their usage for cannabis plants, we hope this guide gives you a comprehensive understanding. Just ensure that you stay on par with the on-going trends because that’s what makes all the difference in the long run.