What are the food myths associated with hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is characterized by low levels of thyroid hormone

let’s talk about some food myths specifically related to hypothyroidism. To begin with, let us remember that the thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system and is located in the front part of the neck. The function of the thyroid is to concentrate iodine to produce thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) that are stored and then dumped into the bloodstream to reach the entire body.

These hormones regulate different metabolic processes such as heat production, growth and development, reproduction, and the functioning of the different organs and systems,

What can happen, when there is an abnormal situation, is that the function of the thyroid gland is enhanced or decreased. The most prevalent in Argentina is when the function of the hormone is decreased, and it is called hypothyroidism. This is going to make it turn slower metabolism and, in some way, it will interfere in a wide range of situations, such as, for example, it can cause fatiguepossible weight gainbrittle nails, hair loss, fertility problems, absence of menstrual cycleamong many other signs and symptoms.

When thyroid hormone levels are low, body processes begin to slow down, including metabolism (Getty)
When thyroid hormone levels are low, body processes begin to slow down, including metabolism (Getty)

Nail 750 million people suffer from any thyroid pathology in the worldaccording to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, among people affected by these diseases, 60% are unaware of their condition.

Before the appearance of symptom, a doctor should be consulted. The diagnosis is very simple and the specialist will request the relevant studies. Treatment consists of hormone replacement through levothyroxine. What it does is replace the function of the hormone that is not working properly.

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Regarding food, there are several myths that surround this condition:

The first indicates that people with hypothyroidism have to do a gluten free diet. this is absolutely falseIt does not in any way cure hypothyroidism. This belief perhaps stems from the confusion in the face of a lack of diagnosis of celiac disease or some intolerance to gluten not diagnosed in time. But by no means do people with hypothyroidism have to stop eating foods with gluten.

People with hypothyroidism should eat a balanced diet without eliminating food groups (Getty)
People with hypothyroidism should eat a balanced diet without eliminating food groups (Getty)

The second myth states that people with hypothyroidism have a restrictive and special diet for this condition. This is not so either. There is no scientific support that justifies the elimination of food to cure hypothyroidism.

These patients must have varied, balanced, normal diet. The only care they should have has to do with the taking levothyroxine so that its absorption is not interfered with. they have to do it fasting and wait 30 minutes to eat breakfast. Breakfast should be low in fiber, which does not include whole grains, fruits, or nuts at that time, then they can have a totally normal diet.

And the last myth says that people with hypothyroidism cannot lose weight. this is totally false. We have already said that with hormone replacement therapy they can have a totally normal metabolism. This has to be controlled by the endocrinologist and, if so, there is no situation in which weight loss is affected.

These are some specific situations and some myths that we find regarding hypothyroidism, but, as always, I remind you that if you have any doubts, always consult your GP.

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