What do we expect from Mario Kart 9? This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch


When will Mario Kart 9 arrive? We still don’t know, but one thing is clear: Nintendo Switch should have a new installment. Therefore, today we review those aspects that could make this future installment unforgettable.

I have commented more than once that Mario Kart 9 will arrive when Nintendo stops making cash with Mario Kart 8. The truth is that that point is still far from being reached, because MK8 Deluxe sold nothing more and nothing less than 3.2 million units (April to September 2021). In the same period of time, to give you an idea, no other Nintendo game reached these figures: neither Animal Crossing New Horizons (2.4 million), nor Super Mario 3D World (2.4 million), nor Zelda Breath of the Wild (1.7 million).

However, it would be rare for Nintendo Switch to pass without receiving a new installment of Mario Kart, and it is more than certain that Kyoto has been working on this development for some time. Let’s say they’re taking a break, and in the meantime they’re trying to further expand the user base thanks to ideas as ingenious as Mario Kart Live or mobile experiments that have turned out as reasonably well as Mario Kart Tour.

For all this, the future MK9 is so encouraging. And what can we expect from him when he appears? Obviously, the innovation so common in these titles will attend the appointment, that as soon as they got you cooperative driving (Mario Kart Double Dash) as they dared to put a wiimote as a steering wheel (Mario Kart Wii). We each have an idea about what the new installment could be, and we want tell us in the commentsBut in the meantime, here is what we think, what could make Mario Kart 9 an unforgettable kart video game.

Infinite cups, unlimited fun

What do we expect from Mario Kart 9?  This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch

When it comes to driving video games, we live in a different world than a decade ago. Having a number of predefined events is fine, and most likely Mario Kart 9 will continue to rely on them. tournaments or cups, as it has always done. In total, MK8 had (without forgetting the downloadable content) with 8 cups and 32 circuits, quite good numbers, but that will have to be enhanced in the new installment.

How will it improve? Here Nintendo can choose two ways. The first would be to continue trusting the DLC to nurture content to your work. The second would be to sign up for an evolving content system with regular updates in the style of Splatoon 2 or Animal Crossing New Horizons. There is another possibility, which should not necessarily be at odds with the previous ones, and that is that Mario Kart 9 relies on the controversial Nintendo Switch Online subscription + Expansion Pass. Of course, this series is a real gold mine for the Japanese, so rethinking their business model is something that we cannot rule out.

How do we imagine it?

  • More circuits and drinks than ever: the most complete Mario Kart.
  • System of updates that add new content progressively.
  • Possibility that there is a payment aspect through DLC or subscriptions.

A much more ambitious online multiplayer

What do we expect from Mario Kart 9?  This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch

Little by little, Nintendo has evolved the competitive Mario Kart saga, but it is not enough to put a lobby and match users. Nor is it enough to give them points to move up in a very poor ranking in terms of progression scale. In this sense, Nintendo would do very well to look at all the good that has been done in Mario Kart Tour, with daily and weekly events that are being updated.

However, the video game for mobile phones is not convincing either, and the lack of experience and desire to experiment in this field is noticeable. For Mario Kart 9, it would be good for the Japanese company to break those chains and dare with the addition of online tournaments or specific glasses that are renewed over time. Fundamental here will be to add some kind of rank system, and if they are accompanied by badges, obtaining new vehicles and so on, all the better. There’s a ton of room for improvement, basically because Nintendo has never done enough work on it.

How do we imagine it?

  • Online tournaments and cups that are periodically renewed.
  • A ranking system that encourages addiction to the multiplayer aspect.
  • Rewards for playing online, in the style of new vehicles or accessories.

More events, more variety

What do we expect from Mario Kart 9?  This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch

The Mario Kart series has relied on racing as its main playable element for almost 30 years. However, Mario Kart 9 could be a much more complete title if it relied not only on putting more drivers and circuits, but more variety of events. It would be something like bringing the philosophy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Nintendo’s driving game, or simply recovering something as interesting as Mario Kart DS’s mission mode.

This is something that we have already seen in MK Tour through some very representative samples. For example, we could have 1vs1 events against a giant Bowser and boosted features. It could also be about doing a lap busting the chrono, or finishing with a certain number of goombas while we go around the Mario circuit of SNES. Also use the hang glider in a jump to mark the maximum flight distance. The possibilities are endless, and would add an important point of variety to the classic Mario Kart playable scheme.

How do we imagine it?

  • Races against “bosses” that pose a challenge on the track.
  • Special situations, like using bombs to take down a number of goombas.
  • Time trial events that test our mastery of the wheel.

A transformed points and upgrades system

What do we expect from Mario Kart 9?  This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch

The Mario Kart saga has based its scoring system on the classic points that only consider the position where you finish the race. However, times change, and in fact in Mario Kart Tour we have seen an innovation that could make the main saga feel great: award points for the maneuvers you do on the track (very much in the vein of the classic “kudos”, which are currently present in games like Forza Horizon 5). In the mobile game you accumulate points in each race through the miniturbs, the accelerated jumps, the sneaks, the attacks on the rivals and a very long etcetera. Why not bring this logic to Mario Kart 9?

I’m not saying capture it as is, but rewarding the player for each action he performs is very satisfying. In addition, it encourages that you are always doing something, because Mario Kart is a franchise made so that you do not stop doing things even if you are on a straight. Specifically, from Mario Kart Tour I really liked the theme of the combos. If you chain actions, the score goes up exponentially. What if all of this was also used to unlock new drivers, vehicles, and accessories? What if scores are also compared online for each circuit? Honestly, there are endless opportunities here.

How do we imagine it?

  • A point system with rewards, in the style of the famous kudos.
  • Scoring combos that encourage you to continually do things on the track.
  • Possibility to compare these scores online with other players.

More drivers, more circuits

What do we expect from Mario Kart 9?  This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch

Here Nintendo has plenty of room for improvement. Mario Kart 8 was nurtured by a total of 36 drivers, a figure that was not bad at all, but that did not quite represent the enormous number of licenses that Nintendo has. Imagine that Wario returned, or that they included not so well known characters like Pauline or Bowsitos. It is something that the aforementioned Mario Kart Tour has done recently, including a huge number of characters, with crazy versions of Mario, Luigi, Toad and company during the Halloween or Christmas festivities. But what’s more, why not include guests from other brands like the Smash Bros series does?

Of course, the subject of the circuits is equally important, and another aspect that I think could improve the license is to add altered versions of known tours, and not just its reconstruction without further ado. Again, here there is a lot to collect from Mario Kart Tour, which not only raises completely new circuits (like some based in New York or Tokyo), but also recovers classic tracks but with new ramps, detours, accelerators, etc.

How do we imagine it?

  • More characters than ever, with the return of old acquaintances and the arrival of new ones.
  • Guests from other brands outside of Nintendo, like in Smash Bros!
  • Interesting and fun new circuits and alterations to existing ones.

The indisputable key: innovation!

What do we expect from Mario Kart 9?  This is how we imagine the long-awaited driving game for Nintendo Switch

Of course, the fundamentals of Mario Kart 9 will be in how it manages to be groundbreaking with respect to past deliveries. If some of the things I have said above are true, it will be one step! But nevertheless, each delivery usually shines for something unique. For example, Mario Kart 7 included a super power that allowed the use of seven items. For its part, Mario Kart 8 stood out for its antigravitational driving, with routes that contained loops and curls that added a differentiating touch.

What will we see in Mario Kart 9 in this regard? It is the big question. We imagine the incorporation of aquatic driving in the circuits and other crazy things that no one could guarantee right now. However, it is well known that gameplay is the undisputed key to these titles, so own great handling and a successful balance in terms of challenge will be crucial for the success of this new video game.

How do we imagine it?

  • The incorporation of some innovation that breaks the schemes.
  • Playable settings that provide us with bomb-proof handling.
  • A balanced and scalable challenge, depending on the type of player you are.


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