What does the Mexican National Team need to qualify for Qatar 2022

The Mexican National Team will close its participation against Honduras and El Salvador (Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS)
The Mexican National Team will close its participation against Honduras and El Salvador (Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS)

Despite the irregular results and without exhibiting the best version of his game, The Mexican Soccer Team has managed to stay in the direct classification zone for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, the lack of forcefulness in the national front has postponed the confirmation of participation in the most important tournament in the world. Thus, after the draw against the United Statesthe Tricolor must add the most points with Honduras and El Salvador.

Of the eight finalists in the confederation tournament, only five still hope to access to the World Cup. Thus, between Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama The three direct places and a half ticket will be awarded to play the playoff against the best Oceania team. By being in last position, Gerardo Martino’s men run the risk of experiencing the same situation as in the run-up to Brazil 2014.

Just like the Stars and Stripes combo, Mexico has 22 units and are three points behind leader Canada. On the bottom, the ticos and canaleros have added 19 and 18 points, respectively. Due to the difference with the closest pursuers, there is still the risk of playing the international repechage match again, a situation that can only be avoided in one way.

Panama still has the possibility of playing the playoff (Photo: Edgard Garrido(REUTERS)
Panama still has the possibility of playing the playoff (Photo: Edgard Garrido(REUTERS)

In the best case scenario, that is depend on himself to finish in the top three placesMexico is obliged to summarat least, four of the 6 units which will be played at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula and the Coloso de Santa Úrsula. That way, the harvest would increase to 26 and would have a one-point lead if Costa Rica won both of its matches.

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The regular scenario, with chance of finishing in third placewill take place in the event that the Aztec soccer players obtain only a victory in exchange for another defeat. In that situation, the sum would be 25 and they would run the risk of being overtaken by the Ticos. With the panorama, they would have to appeal to their goal differencethat is, the first tiebreaker criterion, to know if they will play the playoffs or access directly.

The worst case scenario would occur if the harvest of units were derived from a couple of draws, Although there is the possibility of get to third place or playoff with the combination of results from the rest of the games. With 24 points they would run the risk of being overrun by Costa Rica and even Panama, the same thing that would happen if they fell in their matches against Honduras and El Salvador.

Ticos are Mexico's closest persecutors (Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS)
Ticos are Mexico’s closest persecutors (Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS)

Despite the range of optionsthe future for those directed by Gerardo Martino seems to be favorable. None of their next rivals have the hope of accessing the first four places in the tournament. However, the historical rivalry with the Central American teams, coupled with the lack of forcefulness of the tricolor artillery, could complicate the closing of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the rivals that could still reach the Mexican National Team will face a more complicated closing. Surprisingly, the Ticos beat the Canadians in the first match of the FIFA date. His second rival will be The Savior and will end their participation as locals against the Selection of United States.

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On the other hand, the canaleros They will traverse a steeper slope. After drawing with Honduras in their stadium, they will visit the selection of the Stars and Stripes on Matchday 2 and will define their fate against Canada on the field of the Rommel Fernández Stadium in the Panamanian capital.


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