What If…? season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


What If…? season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Here is what we currently know about the second season of the Disney Plus original series What If…?, which will continue to tell unusual MCU tales via the Watcher.

When will What If…’s second season be made accessible online? Disney Plus’ nine episodes, which have been monitored by The Watcher, have examined every realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

The evil Doctor Strange, Captain Carter, Chadwick Boseman’s last studio project, and many other things have been sent to us.

It gave us a new perspective on the series’ fourth act by pointing up ideas we hadn’t previously considered.

After the first season the the animated series comes to an end, with our brand-new Avengers uniting to fight yet another cosmic threat, focus may shift to what comes next.

What If? Will There Been a Second Season? What kinds of disasters can we expect from the science fiction programme if that’s the case?

When will we next get to see Howard the Duck? There are so many urgent situations that demand solutions!

We mostly watch on computers and other electronic devices, but that is more than enough to maintain apprised of what Marvel Studios has in store.

The release date for What If’s second season is available without travelling across time and space. Netflix will steam things up as usual.

The animated series, which is based on the comic book books with the same name, examines other possibilities in the multiverse to reveal what might happen if significant events from the MCU films had taken place differently.

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What If…?, which explored other histories with characters like Star-Lord T’Challa, Captain Carter, Doctor Strange Supreme, the Ultimate Ultron, had a successful first season when it made its Disney+ premiere back in August 2021.

The Watcher said in the season one conclusion, “You thought the narrative was over… but it was just the beginning.” But what’s the beginning of?

What If…? season 2 Release Date

Early in 2023, What If…? will debut its second season. The second season of What If…? will debut on Disney Plus in 2022, according to the show’s executive producer and head writer A.C. Bradley.

It’s heartening that ideas for the following batch of episodes were already being developed while the first season’s episodes were being created; one concept was even postponed until it could be more effectively incorporated into the second season’s episodes.

It is well known that creating an animated movie requires a lot of effort.

Marvel Studios producer Mark Winderbaum told that his studio was “lucky” to get approval for a second season in time to start it in 2019.

I hate to anticipate anything on this brave new world, but I can say that we want to make this a yearly occurrence. At this moment, no precise release date has been announced.

Why not? will probably be published around the end of 2023, after Ms. Marvel the She-Hulk have taken over Marvel’s summer schedule.

What If…? season 2 Cast

Given Bradley’s remarks about employing Shang-Chi, the Eternals, and other Phase 4 characters, we can presume that at least some of the live-action performers will provide the voices.

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Simu Liu, Kumail Nanjiani, Angelina Jolie, Florence Pugh, and many more A-list Hollywood actors and actresses appear in these films, and What If…? has shown that Marvel can get some of its A-listers to contribute a few lines.

Although it’s not yet known who will reprise their on-screen roles, be assured that we’ll be keeping an eye on the known universe and beyond for further details as they become available.

What If…? season 2 Trailer

What If…? season 2 Plot

Being an anthology series, What If…?’s second season’s storyline might take any turn. Expect a combination of Elseworld adaptations a la Marvel’s Zombies and MCU reimaginings such Captain Carter.

Additionally, it’s probable that the franchise’s more recent heroes and antagonists will see more action.

It will all be brand-new episodes, and they will be really entertaining. New heroes will appear, and we’ll be pulling more into Phase Four than ever before.

The show’s chief writer, A.C. Bradley, spoke about the interesting notion in an interview in Entertainment Weekly.

We have to pray that Shang-Chi, Black Widow, and the Eternals make an appearance. You can theoretically go to an endless number of potential universes.

Some of the storylines that are going to be included in the forthcoming season were previewed at the Marvel Animated panel in San Diego Comic-Con.

Hela, Captain Carter running into the Winter Soldier, even Odin squaring off against the Mandarin are reportedly all part of the narrative.

The second season of What If…?’s narrative is very open-ended because of the anthology style.

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As with Marvel Zombies, anticipate a mix of MCU remixes like Captain Carter and adaptations of well-known Elseworlds tales.

There’s a good chance that some of the franchise’s newest heroes and antagonists may make an appearance this time around as well.

According to A.C. Bradley, the show’s lead writer, “It’s gonna to be all-new stories, lots of fun, fresh characters, and pulling more into Phase Four then we were clearly able to this season.”

“Hopefully, we’ll see a glimpse of the characters from the Eternals, Shang-Chi, and Black Widow. We try to move about as much as possible since the pleasure of What If…? is the fact we got to explore the whole infinite cosmos.

We now know some of the storylines that will be featured in season 2 thanks to the Marvel animation presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

It seems that a plot will include Hela, Captain Carter encountering a Winter Soldier, and Odin facing off against the Mandarin.