What is a hack & slash? Here are the top 5 examples of the genre


The term hack & slash is very popular in video games using a formula that the public likes a lot, however, what exactly is it? In order to resolve these doubts, in the following guide we explain the basic concepts and let you 5 games They capture the essence very well. Do not miss it!

What is a hack & slash?

The term hack & slash it would be translated by “cutting and cracking” being the main basis on which the genre is configured. In other words, in this type of video game we are going to have hand-to-hand combat, generally in 3D, with edged weapons killing all the enemies that come across us. Therefore, this qualification refers above all to the type of gameplay. This being the case, many games that would be classified as metroidvania, rogue or another genre, also adhere to this label, as is the case with Dead Cells, for example.

Its origin is linked to the evolution of beat’em up and in the same way they have continued to evolve giving rise to genres such as soulslike. In any case, they are considered role-playing and action games.

As recognizable characteristics we can generally find the use of the third person, the existence of combat, the elimination of the enemy as a target, the presence of the role and the adventure and the improvement of the character.

what is a hack and slash

5 well-known hack & slash

Then we leave you 5 games that contain traditional elements of hack & slash and that are considered indispensable titles within the world of video games. Still, the list would be endless.

1.God of War III

You can’t start the list without talking about one of the most recognized hack & slash by the gaming community. God of War III allowed us to end the entire Olympus at the hands of Kratos in such a brutal and explicit way that we didn’t even see in God of War for PS4. We’ll have to wait for God of War Ragnarok to see how the Spartan does to finish off the Norse gods.

God Of War 3

2.Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry saga is another mandatory stop when we talk about this type of game. The Adventures of Dante and company writhe among the demons, leaving us with a series of titles that will allow us to explore the genre to the fullest and take our sword out for a walk.

Devil May Cry Hd Collection

3.Alice: Madness Return

They say that the best people are crazy and that’s what we have to find out in Alice Madness Return with an Alice in the asylum and a not so peaceful Wonderland. All kinds of enemies, scenarios that degenerate and the Vorpal Sword in hand is what awaits us in this adventure, or rather. journey into madness

American Mcgees Alice

4.NieR: Automata

The NieR saga seeks to dislodge us and achieves it with a powerful story with an air of Blade Runner, but it also does so through large doses of challenge, dilemmas and a more than decent difficulty. Throughout its two main installments we will find an exquisite narrative and a whole post-apocalyptic world to discover and here, nothing is what it seems.

Nier Automata


With Bayonetta 3 on the verge of its arrival, it is not a bad time to start the saga from the beginning and control the witch of Umbra who likes to hit right and left. Supernatural powers and demons are just some of the elements that await us.

Bayonetta 3


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