What is DualSense drift on PS5? The newly discovered problem


It has been made known due to a publication of the Kotaku medium, the alleged problem with the “operation” part DualSense and PS5. The control that incorporates the new generation Sony console is being the protagonist of these errors that some players are beginning to report, but, What exactly is it and what can it be owed?

What is DualSense drift on PS5

The simplest explanation to understand what is Dualsense drift is to imagine the automatic movement of one of the joysticks towards one direction, without the player pressing him the least. Imagine that you pause the game, come back after a while and your character begins to move or turn to one side without you pressing the button. It is a deviation of the lever that produces the movement, which is very annoying and can get to annoy the experience with the control completely.

In the Reddit forum you can read several players who supposedly have suffered the problem, one of them even with only 10 days of use. This other offers us a video that exemplifies very well what is the drift of the DualSense of PS5 and what it can produce in any game:

Dualsense Drift from r/PS5

Solutions to the DualSense Drift problem

The new PS5 controller is not the only one that is suffering, supposedly, these types of problems, and well known are the errors of the Nintendo Switch Joycon. Are there solutions to the DualSense Drift problem? Depending on what it is due to, perhaps everything is a software problem (the remote itself has one and you may have had to update it by connecting it to the console at some point) or if it is a manufacturing defect.

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The simplest, right now, is to take advantage of the warranty and have the repair carried out for free. You will only have to contact the Sony SAT in case you are having this or another problem and your DualSense is still under the warranty period. Have you suffered this problem or any other with the PS5 controller?