What is important when promoting a business account on Instagram


What is important when promoting a business account on Instagram

Today we have prepared for you a small guide to promote your company on Instagram. If you want to promote your account and make a store out of it, but don’t know where to start, then you definitely need this article.

In this article, we will pay special attention to how to properly create content and organize its production so that promotion is easy and painless and you manage to succeed without having to buy Instagram followers every month.

Competitor analysis

Find competitors in your topic. You can do this:

  • in Instagram itself, for example, by thematic hashtags and key queries;
  • through competitor websites. If they have social media, then the social media buttons will be on the site;
  • in the search engine. Type a relevant search query with the word Instagram.

See what content and how many posts per day these companies publish. In what proportion are information, entertainment, image and selling posts and how they are designed visually. 

Content plan

Build on these types of content:

  • educational — interesting facts, how-to instructions, unusual uses of things, life hacks, other useful materials;
  • entertaining — memes, funny stories and photos, games, contests, quizzes;
  • image — about the company, your principles, goals, work process, everyday life of employees, interesting news for customers;
  • selling — advertising posts about specific products.

Views can be mixed, for example, make a life hack with your product and you get a mixture of educational and selling content. If you make strictly selling posts, then no more than 20% of the total content is better. Follow the reaction of subscribers. Maybe your audience will like sales posts the most.

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It is especially worth watching the audience often if you manually buy real Instagram followers. In this case, you constantly have new viewers who have their own opinion about your content. Carefully analyze this and try to do everything so that they like your content.

Come up with a few regular headings that will be published on specific days of the week. This will make it easier to come up with topics, and this will give subscribers a reason to go to your account for a new post.

Visual design

Instagram is always about the visual part first, and only then about the text. Your images should be of high quality, bright and in a similar style. If you make covers for posts with text, choose one font and a couple of colors for the plates.

If you constantly have different photos, process them with the same filter. This will slightly smooth out the difference in color, brightness and contrast. You can add your logo to the covers. It is advisable to choose a simple process that can be done in an online editor or directly on Instagram, then a designer will not be needed.

Don’t forget about Stories and Reels!

Stories are more engaging than regular feed posts. They are in plain sight, they do not need to be scrolled, and you can scroll through the entire list by clicking on the screen. Stories are interactive: in addition to text, you can place a hashtag, emoji, a poll, a link to a group chat, a countdown timer, and all this in the form of funny stickers on the image.

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Reels is now the most popular format on the platform because it was inspired by TikTok, which has become the most popular social network in the world.