What is the position in the other three Grand Slams after what happened with Djokovic in Australia

The situation that the Serbian experienced aroused uncertainty about the rest of the Grand Slams (Reuters)
The situation that the Serbian experienced aroused uncertainty about the rest of the Grand Slams (Reuters)

Novak Djokovic It is news since his arrival in Australia for non-sporting issues. This Monday, the Justice ruled in his favor and annulled the cancellation of his visa, after being detained by the Border Force of that country and confined in a hotel for immigrants. Although everything seems to indicate that finally the number will be able to play the Open of the oceanic nation, there is uncertainty about what will happen to the rest of the tournaments if it maintains its position of not getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

While the Serbian managed to win the trial which took place at the Melbourne Federal Circuit Court, where Judge Anthony Kelly ordered the Australian Government to release him, the process generated a worldwide debate about their situation. While in December of last year the Australian Open made the decision that those tennis players who were not vaccinated against Covid-19 were not going to be able to compete, now the doubts are about what will happen to the other three Grand Slams.

According to the official calendar published on the ATP Tour website, the next one to be played will be Roland Garros between May 22 and June 6 and, before the present that crosses Nole, was the French Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, which spoke about it in an interview with France Info: “You can participate in the competition because the protocol, the health bubble of these great sporting events, will allow it ”.

“In France we do not have the same regulations as in Australia to enter the country” and that is so “for athletes as well as for others,” added the minister. That is why, until now, to enter the country it is enough to only present a health certificate or have a negative test if the individual in question does not have the complete vaccination schedule.

However, Maracineanu explained that there is a new bill that could be adopted in a short time in France, which requires presentation of the vaccination certificate to enter any sports facility for both the public and athletes, although in international competitions there will be “mandatory protocols imposed by federations” that will allow the participation of unvaccinated athletes.

Each tournament must adapt to the laws of its country (Reuters)
Each tournament must adapt to the laws of its country (Reuters)

Regarding the oldest tournament within the competition, that of Wimbledon in London (England), he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, the one who commented on the situation: “It is important that the Australian authorities make their own decisions. All I’m going to say about Djokovic, who I’ve played tennis against by the way and he’s pretty good, is that I believe in vaccination and that it is something fantastic ”.

This does not respond, however, to the uncertainty about whether Djokovic will be able to play the third Grand Slam of the season that will take place between June 27 and July 10, although current UK law allows entry of unvaccinated people, as long as they provide a negative PCR before traveling and carry out a ten-day quarantine during which they will have to perform another two PCR, on the second and eighth day.

“I think that everyone should trust this program (the vaccination), because it allows this country to be one of the best economies in Europe and, at the same time, protect the whole world. It has great advantages ”, declared the prime minister.

Djokovic, like Federer and Nadal, has 20 Grand Slam titles (USA TODAY Sports)
Djokovic, like Federer and Nadal, has 20 Grand Slam titles (USA TODAY Sports)

Finally, in the absence of an official date within the calendar presented by the ATP, it remains to be seen what measures will be taken for the US Open, which is estimated to be played between August 29 and September 11.

In the 2021 edition, the entity reported that it was going to require everyone who wants to access the venue to present proof that they had received at least one covid-19 vaccine. This measure was a bit more flexible for athletes, who had the option of staying outside of official hotels and were exempted from a mandatory quarantine upon arrival in New York. They, in the previous edition, they did not need to be fully vaccinated to participate in the contest although they were subjected to tests every four days.


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