what they are and 9 websites to generate temporary emails


As with a tissue that is used and thrown away when it is no longer useful, something similar can also be found in the case of email: disposable or throwaway emails. In this article we are going to tell you exactly how it can serve you and also the main websites that exist to create one.

It is a reality that on many occasions you have to access different websites that are not trustworthy and that its registration may finally mean that spam emails reach your email. In this case, you can use email accounts that allow you to register and then disappear.

What are disposable email accounts

The very name of this type of email does not leave much to the imagination. Simply by using them in the registration of a website they end up disappearing later. This is ideal when it comes to an untrustworthy website where you don’t want to use your trusted email to avoid being riddled.

Correos Dese

For this, specialized websites must be used that have the mission of generating these emails that do not have a password, although it is something that is compensated by disappearing after 10 minutes. In this way, you will not have to wait for an email to arrive at this email account, except for the activation email, giving this margin time to be able to confirm the account.

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Of course, this is something that is not recommended in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter registrations. This is because these services They rely a lot on sending emails to be able to recover the account in the future. That is why it is focused on those websites that you do not care about and that you know you will not use very often.

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Main utilities

Once you know that these accounts are used and then end up disappearing, you have to take into account all the possibilities they offer, which are:

  • Register on untrustworthy websites: especially those in which you believe that your data can be stolen or sold to other advertising companies.
  • Use in public environments where you do not want your personal address to be known.
  • Registration in the applications that force you to carry out this procedure to access all its functionalities, but that you are not interested in.
  • Purchases in online stores and with the ability to avoid the offers that can reach your email when accessing these stores with your personal email.

The most recommended websites to be able to use these disposable emails

As we have mentioned before, these emails are not generated in the usual services that you use to create your personal address, such as Gmail. For this you have to resort to other websites that we collect below.



Yopmail has the ability to generate temporary emails in a personalized way. You can choose the name to be found in the final addresscausing it to become more common and readable.

The server will store the email address for 8 days and after that time all the incoming emails, as well as the address you have chosen will end up disappearing. But we believe that it is enough to be able to receive a confirmation email of your registration or more.



In 10MinuteMail you will be able to find, above all, simplicity. This means that with a few taps you can have your throwaway account. Likewise, through the web you will be able to view all the emails that you receive as you register.

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The generation web does not leave much mystery while must pass for it to disappear: 10 minutes. We think that it is a really tight time, in which you should know very well that you are going to register at the moment on a specific website, since you will not have much time to create the email and then confirm.



In a few seconds you will be able to have a temporary email and without an access password with MailDrop. This makes your web simply by entering the first part of the email (before the at sign) you will directly access the 10 most recent messages that have been received. Likewise, it is also limited to 100 KB in weight.

When creating it, there are also two options: generate it with maximum personality, choosing the type of mail you need. But it can also be left to the algorithm of the web so that you can create it safely and easily with its suggestions.

temporary mail


Temporary mail has the characteristic of being completely translated into Spanish to be much easier to understand. Ideal especially if you don’t have too much command of English, but you want to generate a temporary email for free and completely anonymous.

The mail is generated automatically and lasts 48 hours. Although by default it will be created without any type of password, you will be able to use a new system to generate it and use it on another device.



Moakt is a service that will enable you the possibility of create a temporary email account customizing the name you want to give it. Although, you can also use an automatic generator to avoid having to turn around.

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You will only be able to use this email for now, although if you need much more time you can always reset the counter that appears on the web. This is ideal if the time allotted to you is not enough.



This website has ability to create emails that are 10 minutes long and a simple inbox, but enough to check the emails that arrive after subscribing or registering on a website.

It has a button to quickly copy the mail and another to show the QR code that will point directly to this email. In addition, although it has a marked date of 10 minutes, it will be possible to destroy it at any previous time.



As soon as you enter MintEmail, a new email will be generated automatically, although it will always offer two different options. This means that minimalism is always rewarded.

The name of the temporary email itself you will be able to customize in a comfortable way so that your name is free. This will make it possible to switch to a non-disposable version with this same text.

Guerrilla Mail


One of the oldest options that exist without a doubt is Guerrilla Mail, in which you will have the ability to choose between several domain types to give your best personal touch.

The account does not have an expiration date as it does in other options. The only thing that will be achieved is that every hour the inbox will be emptied. This is fully functional, since in addition to receiving your emails you can also write them.


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