What to expect from Ubisoft’s Star Wars game? Everything we know (and want) about this open world


A few days ago we heard the news that a Star Wars open world game is being developed by Ubisoft Massive. Massive, in any case, this information has turned out to be: the illusion generated by the project with hardly any data on the table is incredible, allowing fans to begin to theorize and make predictions. We want to do both, have all the official data on the table and try to expose our wishes and theories to this project. Are you ready? May the Force be with you to continue reading.

Everything we know about Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars open world

It was Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot himself who confirmed this news, stating that the agreement between the video game company and Disney will become a long-term collaboration. This is important since since 2013 EA has been the company that had the exclusive license of the brand to develop Star Wars video games, something that seems to be radically changing. In this regard, yes, Disney has announced that Electronic Arts will continue to be an important strategic partner.

This project in question will be a Star Wars open world that we do not know more details about. Neither chronology, nor characters, nor anything. We do know that development will be carried out by Ubisoft Massive, creators of The Division. This is very important since the game will use the same engine, Snowdrop, in addition to having the same director as The Division 2, with the figure of Julian Gerighty at the helm. The studio is not only going to get to work with this project since they are also developing an Avatar video game since 2017, a project that will end up arriving in 2022 (in principle) together with the premiere of Avatar 2 in theaters.

Guillemot also confirmed that this Star Wars video game will be very different from anything we’ve seen to date and Lucasfilm has confirmed that all video games will continue to be treated as canon in Star Wars history, including this new project. That is to say, what happens in this game will be done officially in the historical events of the franchise.

The announcement of this new Star Wars video game was accompanied by the announcement of an upcoming Indiana Jones video game developed by Bethesda and MachineGames, of which we also tell you absolutely all the details known so far. The two franchises belong to Disney and Lucasfilm, who seem very interested that the video game machinery does not stop at this new stage. Will we see more announcements in the future? It is not disposable.

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What can we expect, wish and theorize from this open world Star Wars game

With all the information on the table, we can only theorize. Not a single piece of information has been provided to help us understand what to expect from this next Star Wars video game, but the wishes go further. What would you like Ubisoft Massive to do? Who would be the protagonist of the story? In what chronology would you place its events? Powers of the Force? Decisions? Multiplayer or items as a service? Let’s go step by step.

Ubisoft Massive and its previous work, a clue to the future of the game?

As we have commented before, Ubisoft Massive has been in charge of developing the two The DivisionOpen-world multiplayer titles heavily focused on loot acquisition and ongoing character progress. These RPG elements that lead us to repeat missions, play with friends in order to complete complicated missions and, ultimately, experience the game as a service to which to return daily could give a clue to the future of this Star Wars project.

Could something like The Division be replicated with the Star Wars universe? Could be done perfectly. If we take, for example, a group of Jedi that is acquiring skills and finding their own way while conducting their battles or participating in a galactic confrontation while obtaining pieces of equipment and loot, it could be adapted, or with some other military group or army . Maybe not what all fans would want, but if we thought about a more traditional open world maybe Ubisoft would have given the job to another of their studios.

The Division and The Division 2 are the latest works by Ubisoft Massive, along with the Avatar game they are developing.

However, Ubisoft Massive’s previous work with The Division may not be the logical step. The studio itself has participated in games like Far Cry 3 in the past and could perfectly replicate another type of open world development, so let’s talk.

The Mandalorian is a good way to go

We are all delighted with the path taken by The Mandalorian series on Disney +, moving away from the familiar elements of the Star Wars universe and approaching its world in a very different way. Isn’t it about time a video game in the franchise did something similar? We’d love to take on the role of a bounty hunter like the Mandalorian who stumbles from planet to planet trying to survive, all the while getting caught up in more complicated matters. Not everything has to be battles between the Empire and the Rebels or that our actions determine the galactic future, something small could also work.

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We would also love for the world of the Jedi to get away from the main focus.. Lightsabers and Force powers are always recurring and highly desirable, but wouldn’t you want to experience an open world of Star Wars from another point of view? Or perhaps allow some initial choice that allows us to determine the past and future of our main character. Something fresh and different would be great in a project of this magnitude.

Various planets and galactic voyages

If you make a Star Wars open world … Why not several worlds open in one? The saga is linked directly with space and the visit to different planets. This would be fantastic within the Ubisoft Massive game, allowing us to have a ship and be able to make these trips. Not to mention the possible battles that could be formed a la Star Wars Squadrons.

The B-Wing and TIE Defender were heavily requested by fans.

Traveling to mythical planets of the franchise such as Tatooine, Naboo or Coruscant and being able to visit some of its most emblematic places would be enough for many fans. Would anyone like to relax after a mission at the Mos Eisley Cantina?

The possible times where we could frame the adventure

Something important that will define much of what the game can offer is the time in which to frame its events. There are many moments to choose from, either during the events of one of the main Episodes, among them, or in some other important spin-off events.

How about setting this open world Star Wars game during the Sith occupation of Coruscant? Before the events of the Phantom Menace and as recounted in The Clone Wars, we could live this occupation having to counteract it (or participate in it, why not be bad this time). It would also be interesting to place the events in Alderaan just before what happens in A New Hope, with a spectacular setting to visit. Tatooine after Return of the Jedi? The possibilities are enormous and the choice will be decisive.

Known protagonists? Creating an avatar? Choose our future?

Obviously, the protagonist chosen for the game will change it completely. Earlier we discussed our desire to bet on something similar to The Mandalorian, not for the bounty hunter itself but to keep the action away from the most important events and the most well-known characters. But this must also be raised, Do we prefer to put ourselves in the shoes of someone already established in their universe to learn more about their past (or future)? Characters like Ahsoka Tano could give a lot of play. Do we create our own avatar and role-play? It would also be interesting and would open a door to an element that many fans of the classic game Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR for friends) have been demanding since then: the possibility of choosing our future and that the choices move us to the Force or the Dark Side. , should you choose the way of the Jedi.

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REVAN - Easily one of the most popular of the Gray Jedi characters, Revan is the main protagonist in the first Knights of the Old Republic video game. Revan flirted with both sides of the Jedi/Sith dichotomy during his life. He was once a respected Jedi Master who broke from the Order by waging war on the Mandalorians. Then he and his pupil were corrupted by the Dark Side, becoming Darth Revan and Darth Malak. KOTOR sees the amnesic Revan come to terms with his past and confront his former student aboard a super-weapon called the Star Forge. Though ultimately, it's up to the player whether Revan saves the galaxy or damns it.

The work of studios like CD Projekt RED in games like The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077 would be interesting to replicate in this Ubisoft Massive game. Many conversations that contribute to the mythology of the universe and that, in turn, allow us to make decisions, interpret or define the main character. This would make us very excited and would be something rarely seen in the franchise, especially in recent years.

Morality system, crew members, romances … yes, a Mass Effect

Since we start to replicate the work of other studies that would suit this Star Wars game very well, Why not look at the work done by BioWare on the Mass Effect saga? It would be great to be able to establish a crew on our ship that we can interact with, develop relationships and even romances with. The Star Wars universe would give a lot of play with the number of races, robots, groups, armies and occupations, so establishing a mission that must be carried out by a collective of experts from different fields would be incredible.

Visiting different places in George Lucas’s galaxy with them and developing these links would suit him great, also unifying other ideas that we have raised such as the morality system or the possibility of creating our own avatar so that role-playing is an incentive.

The possibilities are enormous and Ubisoft Massive has a very exciting project in hand … What would you like to see in the next Star Wars video game?