What Wonder universe is Morbius in? Theories concerning the subsequent vampire film


Sony’s Spider-Guy Universe is ready to develop in 2022 with Jared Leto’s vampire antihero, Morbius, starring in his personal film. At this level, Wonder lovers are death to grasp: How precisely is Morbius hooked up to different Spider-Guy films? Does this film happen within the MCU?

The ones questions handiest building up now that we have now observed the second one Morbius trailer. There are some information about Spider-Guy that may be observed on this pictures, however is it in point of fact a MCU film? Let’s spoil down the assessments up to now.


There are two mentions of Venom on this trailer. Within the first, a couple of detectives point out an incident in San Francisco, the surroundings of the symbiote films. Then close to the top, Michael Morbius himself makes a funny story that his identify is Venom.

If in case you have now not observed Venom: There shall be Carnage, prevent studying instantly and cross to the following phase. If now not, you’ll know what occurs right through the general credit of the movie: Eddie Brock is transported to the MCU, so the point out of Venom within the trailer at the side of the illusion of Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes and a mural of Spider-Guy strongly recommend that Morbius takes position within the Wonder Cinematic Universe. Then again, there are different nods to Wonder within the trailer that recommend in a different way.

Oscorp Tower

The brand new trailer displays one thing crucial from Wonder at the New York Town skyline. The Oscorp Tower seems in Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s respective Spider-Guy movies, however neither she nor her proprietor, Norman Osborn aka the Inexperienced Goblin, have not begun gave the impression within the MCU.

Then again, the trailer for Spider-Guy: No Method House contains pictures of a Goblin pumpkin bomb and It’s been extensively reported that Willem Dafoe will reprise his function as Norman from the Sam Raimi trilogy within the multiversal new movie. (Additionally noteworthy is the preferred fan concept that means Osborn is the person who purchased the Avengers Tower from Tony Stark in Spider-Guy: Homecoming, however that has but to be confirmed.)

In spite of everything, Morbius trailer confirms that Norman Osborn and his company empire exist within the universe that Michael Morbius inhabits. Nevertheless it is still observed if this Osborn has transform the Inexperienced Goblin.

Day-to-day Bugle

We will be able to see a have a look at a Day-to-day Bugle newspaper within the trailer, suggesting a hyperlink between Morbius and the 2 Venom films. As in Venom, the Bugle is proven as a big American newspaper with a symbol very similar to that observed in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Guy films.

This already means that Morbius has no position within the MCU. As established within the Spider-Guy: A ways From House mid-credits scene, the MCU Bugle isn’t a newspaper, however an InfoWars-style internet display hosted through JK Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson.

Black Cat and Rhino

The Day-to-day Bugle newspaper contains two different intriguing Easter eggs, with the connection with the Black Cat and the Rhinoceros within the headlines. This turns out to signify that each characters had been provide on this universe lengthy sufficient to procure some notoriety. Rhino, in fact, up to now gave the impression in The Superb Spider-Guy 2, the place he used to be performed through Paul Giamatti.

Initially, Black Cat used to be going to celebrity in a team-up film with Silver Sable, known as Silver and Black. That venture has fallen through the wayside, however eMorbius is also making ready a solo Black Cat film within the close to long run.

Horizon Labs

It seems like Morbius will serve up the live-action debut of a big Spiderman group. Within the trailer we will see the Horizon Labs development. Horizon is a high-tech analysis facility led through eccentric scientist Max Modell. Within the comics, he employs one of the smartest folks in the world, together with each Peter Parker and Morbius himself at other occasions. Horizon is most likely a significant component in Michael Morbius’s transformation right into a dwelling vampire within the movie.

Despite the fact that Horizon hasn’t gave the impression in a Wonder live-action film prior to, a model of it performs crucial function within the animated sequence Wonder’s Spider-Guy. In it, a teenage Peter Parker attends Horizon Prime Faculty.

Spider-Guy graffiti

The brand new trailer includes a acquainted symbol from the primary trailer: the graffiti depicting Spider-Guy with the phrase “killer”. That turns out to signify that the film does, in reality, happen within the MCU. Due to the occasions of A ways From House, Tom Holland’s Spidey has had his id leaked and has been indicted for the homicide of Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio.

However as we’ve got established, Day-to-day Bugle cameo argues towards Morbius being set in MCU. There may be additionally the truth that the graffiti depicts Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Guy go well with. Does that imply that Morbius is ready within the Sam Raimi Spider-Guy universe, and that Maguire’s Peter has suffered a equivalent misfortune to Holland’s?

Michael Keaton

The trailer, like the primary Morbius trailer, additionally displays the go back of Michael Keaton’s personality. Probably Keaton reprises the function of Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, from Spider-Guy: Homecoming., despite the fact that we by no means if truth be told know the identify of his personality. This pictures is the most powerful evidence but that Morbius is ready within the MCU.

However on the similar time, the scene raises extra questions than solutions. It seems that to happen outdoor of a jail or police station, with Toomes in all probability being transferred outdoor whilst Morbius is being processed within. However what’s his connection to Morbius? And is that this the similar model of Toomes within the Spider-Guy film, or is Keaton enjoying a distinct incarnation of the nature, like Simmons’s J. Jonah Jameson?

We believe that the whole thing will begin to make just a little extra sense when Spider-Guy: No Method House opens in theaters. However what a laugh is that this to theorize. What do you suppose? What universe is Morbius in?


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