WhatsApp already allows you to create stickers from images in a single click: so you can use it to send them from your PC


In September we learned that the desktop version of WhatsApp would allow us to create stickers or stickers very easily and without the need to use third-party tools. And today is the day. The company has just announced that WhatsApp Web already allows you to create stickers in a single click, which it will probably make its use grow in many users who until now did not care about it.

We are going to tell you how to create a sticker on WhatsApp based on an image in the simplest and most direct way possible from the web version, but it is announced that the feature will be coming to the Desktop versions of PC and Mac in the coming days.


Creating a sticker in WhatsApp is as simple as attaching a photo of our team

To create a sticker on WhatsApp Web, all we have to do is go to a chat, either individual or group, click on the clip icon (📎), which represents the “Attach” function. We find it in the lower left part of the conversation, next to the emoji icon. Once we click on it, WhatsApp will ask us to choose a photo to work with.

Crear Sticker

So we can choose the image to create a sticker.

Once we choose it from among those present in our team, WhatsApp will allow us to work with it, add emojis, cut it, etc. This is what happens when we add a Genbeta logo like the one we find on the web:

Logo genbeta WhatsApp

If we click on the emoji button that we see next to the scissors, we can add whatever we want. Once it is ready, we can send, and if we have added a transparent PNG, they will be sent without a background. From a normal photo, we can also remove the background from the app itself. So is that sent logo and that logo with two emojis.


These new and useful WhatsApp functions have perhaps gone unnoticed and make it seem more like Telegram

As of when we send them, all the stickers that we create will be saved between our stickers on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. We will see them on the mobile, but to keep them, we will have to add them to favorites. This is what we will see on the desktop if we press the emoji icon and then the stickers:


And that’s it, from there it is a matter of letting your imagination run wild to animate the conversations as much as possible.


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