WhatsApp is the claim of a new scam: they will not send you an email with your backup copies, ignore the message


The Spanish Internet Security Office (OSI) has alerted us to a Trojan that reaches us in the form of email and uses WhatsApp as a decoy. This email tells you that you can download a WhatsApp Backup and call history. But it is a Trojan that will try to infect your PC by opening the attached file.

The title of the email says: “Backup WhatsApp messages“with a number behind it. When you access the email you will see an email with a banner and the official WhatsApp logo.

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After this, the text of the email explains that they are sending you a “backup copy of the WhatsApp conversation and call history“It also indicates that in that document you have deleted and restored messages. You may be curious to reread some conversation but nostalgia can damage your PC.

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A well-written message


Unlike great part of the phishing attempts we constantly face (like the ones there this year using parcel shipping companies or the Post Office as a claim), this email is written in a more or less correct way. Other similar attacks often have prominent spelling and grammar mistakes.

It should be remembered that in September we already warned of a similar phishing campaign. Those fake emails tried to make potential victims believe that it was an official communication inviting to download a backup of the conversations and call history in the messaging application.

Now the OSI warns that WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging tool in Spain, it is used again to install malware on PC. In the body of the message you will find a link to download and view history conversations, which is where the Trojan will be downloaded to your PC.

What to do if you receive this email

Banner Disinfects Devices

If you have received this message and you have not opened the link, there is no problem. It won’t be able to do anything to you. But yes you have already clicked on the link that appears in the body of the message, the Internet Security Office recommends that you disinfect your computer.

For example, install antivirus if you don’t have or antispyware tools. You can delete temporary files with a cleaning tool to delete temporary files, cookies, system registries, etc. that may be stored on the computer. You can also uninstall programs.

WhatsApp never sends emails


Always remember that WhatsApp will never send you backup copies by mail. In fact, copies of WhatsApp cannot be downloaded, but are saved in Google Drive or iCloud.

It is possible to ask WhatsApp to generate a file with everything the service knows about you, but that document has metadata, not conversations as such. On the other hand, it is possible export a complete WhatsApp conversation, but this is done from the application itself.


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