WhatsApp officially reveals its new fingerprint unlock feature


WhatsApp has approximately more than one billion users worldwide. Biometric security has finally been introduced by WhatsApp for its Android users, after its introduction of the iOS feature this year.

Fingerprint lock is now available for Android users, adding another security layer for users. The same fingerprint used for screen lock can now be used to lock all notifications and chats. The time duration of the fingerprint lock is also customizable. It includes 1 minute, 30 minutes, and every time.

It provides an extra high level of security, similar to the banking apps. The update has not been made available in all the regions yet. With the availability of fingerprint unlock feature in your area, you will easily be able to toggle on the high security from the app’s privacy settings menu.

On enabling this feature on your smartphone, anyone attempting to open your WhatsApp will be needed to scan their fingerprint before reading the messages stored in your WhatsApp.

A similar feature was introduced a few months back for iOS which proved to be of great use for the iPhone users as it could protect text messages using fingerprint (Touch ID) or facial recognition system (Face ID).

However, the facial recognition unlock feature has not been announced by WhatsApp, and as a result devices like Google’s Pixel 4 will not be able to use this feature.

As noted and noticed by WABetaInfo, this feature is currently available for the Beta users. The app already had the end-to-end encryption system due to which only people engaged in a particular conversation can see its content.

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The process to enable fingerprint lock is pretty straightforward, and it is even easier for the users who have already registered a fingerprint to unlock the phone. Your WhatsApp needs to get updated to the latest version for this process. The most recent build number for Android is 2.19.308 on the PlayStore.

This new feature has got various advantages, such as preventing any unknown person from reading your messages. It has also got a demerit as it would make it more difficult for the police, law enforcement companies, and agencies, and intelligence to read the messages sent by terrorists and criminals. The encryption software of WhatsApp was also abused by terrorists and criminals. With the new fingerprint authentication, it would be even more difficult for the security services to get in access with encrypted communications from criminals.


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