WhatsApp promised a lot with the multi-device mode, but for now it leaves a lot to be desired: this is how I get the most out of it on PC


As much as WhatsApp is hated, it is undeniable that the vast majority of users use this application to communicate with their loved ones, or for work. And it makes sense, since at the time they earned the position for being among the first to offer a free messaging system, making us forget about SMS altogether. However, today I find that It is one of the apps that I use the most and that fails the most.

I must say that I am a user of both WhatsApp and Telegram, the latter being the one that has given me the best moments due to all the features it offers, along with impeccable performance. However, and I think this is a fairly widespread sentiment, I am tied to WhatsApp precisely because of the people around me.

It’s not something that worries me too much, because fortunately I don’t have space problems on my phone and both apps can coexist perfectly on it, but yes I have dedicated a lot of effort to find a suitable experience in WhatsApp, and I have to say that I almost gave up.

Multi-device support still needs to improve

The birth of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop was a ray of hope, as it offered us the possibility of using WhatsApp on a non-mobile device. However, a few minutes were enough for me to realize that it failed too many times to connect with the phone. And so it has sadly remained for all these years, until multi-device support landed on the application a few months ago.


Although you had to sign up for the WhatsApp beta to test it, it was a long-awaited feature, since this allows us to use the app without the need for our phone to be connected, just pair it the first time and you’re good to go. My experience has greatly improved since this feature came to the app, but it is true that not everyone is working as expected.

old messages

Since the multi-device feature came out of beta, many users have reported problems that did not occur before. You have to realize that, although it was a bad decision that the phone had to be constantly connected to the desktop version for it to work, this allowed us to see each of the messages from the PC, since it was completely synchronized .

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By no longer depending on the phone, if we want to search for messages that are somewhat older, we will have to open the app on our mobile devicebecause 100% of the chats are not stored in the cloud, but those that we use them the most.


Another common mistake after the arrival of multi-device support is that, there are messages that take several seconds to load in the desktop version. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this feature does not work if we add a second phonebecause it only allows us to use a mobile linked to a maximum of 4 devices.

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Seeing the current operation of multi-device support, along with the Web and Desktop versions, makes me understand that the WhatsApp team has developed this entire ecosystem through a mixture of ideas that have not yet hit the table and run as expected. And in this article I am holding back not to talk about the operation of other similar apps, since I promised myself that I would write about what WhatsApp needs to improve.

WhatsApp Beta, the last ray of hope for users

Whatsapp Beta

I have considered on several occasions to stop using the application, but his influence is too powerful in Spain to decide not to use it. Although not everything that surrounds WhatsApp is bad, and in recent months I have noticed that the team is working on a version where it seems that they want to do things in a decent way. WhatsApp Beta seems to be the solution to all our ills.


This app is currently available in the Microsoft Store, and so far, It is the only way that I have found so that WhatsApp does not disappoint me. It is an app in UWP format that at the moment we can only install on Windows 10 and 11. The good news is that, since it is not developed in the Electron framework, the app works much more smoothly and consumes much less RAM .

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Yes, we are talking about an application that is in beta, and this means that there are still many functions that are not available, but if we talk in terms of performance, it is possibly the best that the WhatsApp team has given birth to in a long time. The multi-device support works really well here, being able to see much older messages than in the other versions.

It is clear that the company wants to do things right in this version of WhatsApp. Proof of this is the ‘Feedback’ button that we have so close at hand in case we find an error in the application. And it is that although it currently has what is fair and necessary to make use of it, this app may be the last ray of hope for WhatsApp users.


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