When Biden mentioned his ‘relatives’ living in Mumbai, he came to India’s financial capital in 2013

us president results 2020: America’s newly elected President Joe Biden came to the country’s economic capital in 2013 and then said that his distant relatives live in Mumbai. Two years later, at an event in Washington, Biden reiterated his claim that five Biden lives in Mumbai. Also Read – Jofra Archer’s old tweet went viral, fans linked to Joe Biden’s win

Biden is about to be sworn in as the 46th President of the US in two months, and no person from Mumbai has claimed to be his relative. After becoming a Senate member, someone with the nickname ‘Biden’ wrote him a letter from Mumbai. Also Read – Biden administration can grant US citizenship to more than half a million Indians, will give refuge to 95,000 refugees every year

Decades after this incident, Biden came to know that many generations before his father’s dynasty, an ancestor worked in the East India Company. The then Vice President Biden said at a meeting in Washington in 2015, “There are five Biden in Mumbai, India.” Also Read – Sehwag took a pinch on Donald Trump’s defeat, said – Chacha’s comedy will be missed

When Biden came to Mumbai in 2013 on his first visit to India as Vice President, he referred to the letter he received when he first became a member of the Senate decades ago. In his speech on 24 July 2013 at the Bombay Stock Exchange, Biden told the story of ‘Mumbai’s Biden’.

Seven years ago he said, “Coming to India and Mumbai is a matter of pride. When I was elected a member of the US Senate in 1972 at the age of 29, I received a letter and I am sad that I never investigated it. ” He had said, “It is possible that someone in the audience could tell me, I got a letter from a person named Biden from Mumbai who is my name, it was written that he is my relative.”

In his 2015 speech in Washington, Biden claimed that his father’s dynasty many generations ago had a captain named George Biden who worked in the East India Company and after retiring he married an Indian woman and settled in India. Was decided

Biden also said that someone had provided him with the phone numbers of Biden living in Mumbai. However, none of those ‘Five Biden’ have been revealed so far.

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