When Buzz Lightyear, The Lion King and Tarzan had their own Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater


The most exciting of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure It’s not having played it back in the day. The opportunity to play a new Tony Hawk isn’t always there. And here Buzz Lightyear, Simba and company gave us the same control system in new scenarios.

With its own levels and recycled ideas from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 with a face lift Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure It’s everything a kid from 2003 could have wished for. Time has made this PS2 rarity regular, but what it hides behind some cute Disney characters makes for a documentary.

Buzz Lightyear haciendo un Rocket Air

The Tenchu, the Tomb Raider, the Bloody Roar saga… It’s easy to cling to preferring the Activision from before, but among all those famous franchises they also did their thing. Within two minutes of starting Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure You’ve already come across your first Nokia billboard and grinding next to a McDonald’s.

That Activision was from another era, but despite the fact that its games were more original and risky, at the beginning of the 2000s we also had to deal with less than praiseworthy strategies. From those muds these muds, which is usually said.

The fact is that the great games were there and, in fact, from that time they are also some of the best Disney games that we have had the opportunity to play. Of Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!without going any further, I have talked ad nauseam.

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Miniature adventure dress with the events of the movie in mind, the idea was to beat levels by improving the good old Buzz. A metroidvania reduced to its minimum expression that turned out to be an incredible game that I always recommend trying.

Being the kings of franchises, from Marvel to Cabela’s, that Activision adapted to whatever it was. If a skateboarding game for kids was to be made, it would be made properly (more people playing, more people watching ads), and that included not only embracing its most powerful franchise, but also focusing on creating something that kids could really like.

A Tony Hawk for children with advertising

With child actors included in the game after a casting, and a little rapper who participates in the soundtrack of the game, the one of the first bars of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure It is a difficult sight to digest. But there are surprises worth commenting on.

The adapted controls, at a time when accessibility was still taking off, are a good example of how well these games were studied. In essence, this is a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 with a coat of paint on top. The underworld kids hang out with Woody grabbing in Andy’s room and Rafiki grinding branches.

Various characters for three films: Toy Story, The Lion King and Tarzan, at different levels that unfortunately we can only play with their respective characters. They make up for the lack by having unique movements for each one of them, which gives you the chance to enjoy based on combos and manuals with different results.

Skate disney

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This last point is where the accessibility of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure. Getting a kid to memorize and accurately execute what the challenges of a Tony Hawk It has a cruelty point, so the default control system in the game takes the cheats to the different buttons to simplify everything.

The flip button will do an assigned flip, so you don’t have to worry about jumping around and executing button combinations. As in the case of metroidvania, it is one of those games reduced to its minimum expression. It’s not the same, but it’s very similar.

The twist is that in the options menu you can activate a Pro mode (again with the niceties) in which the control scheme is exactly the same as the one that has been burned into your head for years. You will no longer make a manual by pressing a button, but by moving the joystick vertically. I don’t know about you, but to me the idea of play a Tony Hawk with Buzz Lightyear I really want it.


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