When DGP Gupteshwar Pandey was told by women policemen – remove, otherwise Tanaka will give


Bihar News: Bihar’s Director General of Police Gupteshwar Pandey has resigned from his post and now there are reports of him trying his luck in politics. He said during his Facebook Live on Wednesday that it is not a bad thing to contest elections or enter politics. He said that the public loves me so much that I will win elections from any party. Also Read – Pappu Yadav issued affidavit, said- Give us a chance, this will change Bihar

Currently, speculation is continuing about his election, but it is being said that from Buxar he can contest on JDU ticket. Before that, an incident related to him is very funny. DGP Gupteshwar Pandey reached Bhagalpur on a day tour in August last year. He arrived in the police line alone in the morning wearing a morning walk dress. During this, he asked two women soldiers that they could run it or carry weapons only to show it, without giving any introduction. Also Read – When is Bihar assembly election? When will the date come? Chief Election Commissioner told this thing

On this, a woman soldier named Anuradha was taken by the former DGP, as a common man, and said that now we have returned from Banka after firing 45 rounds, now I am going to practice the Republic Day parade. Also Read – Big crack in Bihar NDA too! Rar in BJP-LJP, Chirag may leave alliance with seats

After this, Gupteshwar Pandey asked him without giving any introduction – Do you have this weapon or not? Hearing this, both of them said together that everything goes. After hearing this, the DGP asked what would you do if someone ran away with your weapon. Both of them were enraged and said that they should run with weapons and then show what they do. The DGP said that you will not be able to catch it.

After this, the female soldier Anuradha showed off the SLR from the shoulder to the DGP and said that now take the weapon and run away. If you run away with a weapon… I will beat you with insanas from the tank. As soon as this was done, the women soldiers immediately took out the INSAS and pointed at the DGP.

Seeing this confidence of both women soldiers, the DGP introduced himself to both and appreciated them. DGP was also very happy to see the soldier’s confidence and then he told him his identity. After this, both the women soldiers saluted the DGP by speaking Jai Hind.


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