When he had coronavirus, Djokovic gave an interview without warning and prohibited the journalist from asking about vaccinations and his trip to Australia

Novak Djokovic had a meeting with a journalist and a photographer from the newspaper L'Equipe after catching COVID-19 (Photo: REUTERS)
Novak Djokovic had a meeting with a journalist and a photographer from the newspaper L’Equipe after catching COVID-19 (Photo: REUTERS)

At the same time that Novak Djokovic he trains in Melbourne Park facing the dispute of Australian Open, tries to get rid of the controversy for his arrival in the oceanic country. In the last hours, Nole issued a statement where he admits “human errors” in the documents he presented in immigration and talks about an interview with The team that he should have postponed. About that meeting, the journalist gave details Franck Ramella.

Ramella, a reporter for the famous French sports daily, traveled with the photographer Etienne Garnier to Belgrade. On December 18, that is, two days after the date on which the world’s number one assures that he tested positive for COVID-19, they both had an encounter with Djokovic.

According to the chronicler in an article, the meeting lasted only half an hour and before starting he received instructions from don’t ask questions about vaccination nor about the intentions of Djokovic to attend the Australian Open. “Very sensitive topic, in case there were any doubts. Thus, you were not asked if you had considered getting a PCR test. And if so, what was the result? ”Ramella wrote her article.

The journalist Franck Ramella gave details of his meeting with Novak Djokovic (L'Equipe)
The journalist Franck Ramella gave details of his meeting with Novak Djokovic (L’Equipe)

Ramella explained that he traveled to Novak Tennis Center in Serbia to deliver the world’s number one Champions Award 2021 from the newspaper and that you just found out about your positive test results PCR three weeks after the interview, when the tennis player was detained at the airport in Melbourne.

In that sense, Djokovic argued that he did know he had COVID-19 when conducting the interview. In his statement, the Serbian player of 34 years explain that a test was done PCR the December 16 but he only received the notification of the positive result the next day, after attending a tennis event in Belgrade where he gave awards to a group of children.

“On December 18, I was at my tennis center in Belgrade to fulfill a long-standing engagement for an interview and photoshoot of The team. I canceled all other events except the L’Equipe interview. I felt compelled to move on because I did not want to disappoint the journalist, but I made sure distance myself and wear a chinstrapexcept when they were taking pictures of me. While I went home after the interview to isolate myself for the required period, on second thought, this was an error in judgment. and I accept that I should have rescheduled this commitment ”, he acknowledged.

In his final story, Franck Ramella describe a Djokovic posing and screaming during the photoshoot with the trophy and recounts that he covered his face with a mask during the 33 minutes that lasted his talk, and he even refused to take it off to take more photos. He also reported that a test was done PCR this monday before flying to Australia and it was negative.

We were both protected, facing each other almost a meter apart, on either side of a long rectangular table. When Étienne (the photographer) asked him to remove his mask for five minutes in the talk, Djokovic refused. Just before he left, he tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Hug the beautiful city of Paris.’


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