When King Harris Offered A Homeless Guy $50 To Take Part In The Controversial One Chip Challenge, He Got A Lot Of Negative Feedback


When King Harris Offered A Homeless Guy $50 To Take Part In The Controversial One Chip Challenge, He Got A Lot Of Negative Feedback:

King Harris, the son of T.I. and Tiny Harris, was all over the blogs after he got a new set of chops. It hasn’t even been a month since then. Now, the youth is back in the news because a video of him giving a poor man money for completing the hot chip dare went viral online.

On Friday, September 8, the 19-year-old took part in the famous “One Chip Challenge,” in which people try a hot Paqui chip and see how long they can survive without drinking water.

In a film that recently went viral upon social media, King gave one of the famous chips to a poor guy and told him he would give him $50 if he could eat it without water for five minutes.

King Harris and the other people there are amazed as the man chews the chip. King says to him as he chews, “Open your mouth when you swallow it.”

You Can See That The Poor Man Is Fighting The Urge To Drink The Water:

In Harris’s film, he can be seen giving a poor man a hot chip outside of a booze shop. As the video went on, he told the man to eat the chip as well as wait “five minutes” without drinking anything. “50 dollars, five minutes,” the kid said as he gave over the food.

The poor man may be seen beating the urge to drink the water, but in the end, he gives in and loses the battle. Harris said that he paid him $20 for trying, even though he didn’t win the $50.

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He said, “Guys, I paid him $20, but we’re not doing that one.” “But he lost! Even though he lost, he still said, “You know what I’m saying.” I gave him twenty dollars.”

After A 14-Year-Old Died, Paqui Took The Product Off The Market:

Since Thursday, September 7, Paqui has taken the chips off the shelves because a mother said her son died while doing the task.

Lois Wolobah says that her son Harris, who is 14 years old, ate the chip on a Friday after which he went to the school nurse with a stomachache. Harris went home after that and fell asleep in his room.

Later, he was transported to the hospital, where he was declared dead. The Carolina Reaper as well as Naga Viper peppers used to make the sauce for the Paqui chip are two of the hottest peppers within the world.

There Are 2,200,000 Shu On The Carolina Reaper:

The Carolina Reaper has a SHU of 2,200,000, which measures the amount of capsaicinoids, the enzyme responsible for the “spiciness” of the pepper. This makes it the hottest pepper in the world, while the Naga snake has a SHU of 1,349,000.

For reference, a bell pepper possesses a SHU of 0 and a jalapeño pepper has a SHU of 8,000 at its hottest point. King Harris getting hate for the One Chip Challenge seems to have taken the heat off of his new pearly white veneers, which he got last month have additionally made him the target of many trolls.

“It seems like his parents didn’t teach him well. There’s always one child who has gone completely crazy, though. Let’s be honest with Tip for a moment. Sorry, Cliff, yet your son is having trouble.

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King Harris Needs To Behave Himself:

He needs to be trained. He needs direction. He has to grow up. He wants his a-beat most of all. Stop taking videos of yourself saying and performing stupid things.

When you talk, you sound pretty intelligent, so I don’t know how this kid didn’t get that level of education as well as maturity. He’ll run into a real n—a on the street, who will treat him badly.

Bring him inside and make him do his chores. This is as silly as H-L, yet it shows what kind of home he grew up in. He is not at all tough. Give him something to think about beforehand the streets do.”

One day before Harris did this challenge, NBC News said that Paqui was taking the hot chips off the stores because a mother said her son died because her son did the challenge.

Harris’s Out-Of-Control Behavior Has Brought Him A Lot Of Attention In The Past Few Years:

Harris, on the other hand, has been under a lot of attention in recent years for his out of hand behavior, even though he was raised by two successful parents.

Many people on social media said that he was attempting to be something he’s not, like a “gangster,” after a video showed him arguing with a Waffle House worker.

The Paqui One Chip Challenge Is Intended Solely For Adults, And It Says So In Big, Clear Letters:

“The Paqui One Chip Challenge is only for adults,” says a note on the company’s website. “The chip is not for children, people who can’t handle spicy foods, people with food allergies, women who are pregnant, or people with other health problems.”

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“We’ve seen more kids and other people who don’t listen to these messages. So, even though the product still meets health and safety standards, we are working with our merchants to get it off the stores.