When Travis Barker Met Kim Kardashian In The 2000s, He Couldn’t Stop Checking Her Out


When Travis Barker Met Kim Kardashian In The 2000s, He Couldn’t Stop Checking Her Out:

Kim and Kourtney are fighting and having a shocking fight throughout the season premiere of The Kardashians’ fourth season. Kim says that Kourtney’s children told her about problems with their mother.

Fans have found lines from 2006 where Travis, who is 47 and about to have his first child alongside his partner of 18 months, talked about Kim as well as admitted to having feelings for her. At the time, he was dating Kim’s friend Paris Hilton.

Travis Barker wrote in his 2015 book that he couldn’t stop thinking about Kim Kardashian before he married Kourtney Kardashian Barker.

Travis Barker Said I Kept Looking At Kim Behind Her Back:

In the book “Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, as well as Drums, Drums, Drums,” Barker wrote about meeting Kim Kardashian when he was dating Paris Hilton on and off. Barker said that Kardashian and Hilton flew to Amsterdam to see him perform on tour with his band +44. At the time, Kardashian worked for Hilton as a closet cleaner.

In his book, Barker talks about how Kardashian captivated him while they were touring Amsterdam alongside Hilton, his late helper Chris “Lil Chris” Baker, as well as his drum tech Daniel. “I kept sneaking around to look at Kim, and I told Lil Chris, ‘I don’t care if she’s the closet girl she is fucking hot.'” In the book, Barker wrote.

Travis Met Paris In A Nightclub In Las Vegas, And They Even Got Engaged But Didn’t Have A Real Wedding:

In his memories of his time with Kim, he admitted that he thought she was “f**king hot” and called her “eye candy.” He also talked about how their relationship ended with his wife reportedly pouring a drink over her head.

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Travis talked about a day he spent with his then-girlfriend Paris, her “closet girl” at the time, Kim, and his late friend Chris “Lil Chris” Baker, who sadly died within the plane crash Travis survived 15 years ago.

Travis met Paris  within a Las Vegas bar after he and his wife Shanna Moakler broke up in 2006. They had a fake wedding, but he soon cheated upon her alongside Miss USA Tara Conner and then got back together with his wife.

Travis wrote, “When the +44 tour stopped in Amsterdam, Paris flew there with Kim Kardashian to see the show. Kim used to help people clean their clothes. At the time, she was Paris’ closet girl.

Travis Said That After We All Checked Into Our Hotel, We Hired Bikes And Rode All Over Amsterdam:

She would take Paris’s bags, place them in the closet, empty them, as well as organize everything where Paris would recognize it. We all got to our hotel, checked in, and then hired bikes and rode around Amsterdam.

There, that’s what you do. We were me, Little Chris, Daniel, my drum tech, Paris, and Kim. At a coffee bar, everyone got as high as a kite. We then rode our bikes to the Absinthe Bar and then to the red light area.

“Paris as well as Kim kept taking pictures of the working girls, but this area is controlled by the Hell’s Angels, so three or four of them told them to stop. We had a good time riding our bikes all over Amsterdam.

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“I started going out with Kim. We went out to dinner and lunch. You might think that due to her tapes, I would be the most awful thing with this girl, but this was exactly the opposite of any other time I’ve met a woman.

Shanna As Well As I Began To Speak To Each Other Once More, And We Got Together One More Time, Yet I Really Wished To See Kim:

“I wanted to treat her like a lady at all times. That was so strange. We spent a lot of time together. We put her in ads for well-known people. She went swimming with me at my house.

We all got together to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. We’d act like little kids when we were together, but when we weren’t, she’d call myself and say, “I would like to see you again.” I’d say, “Me, too.”

“Shanna as well as I started talking again, and we got back together again, but I really desired to see Kim.” Shanna heard what was going on and poured a drink upon Kim at a party that Carmen Electra was throwing.

Barker says in his book that he started talking to Kardashian again around the same time he was breaking up and getting back together alongside his ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

Kardashian Has Even Been In Ads For His Clothing Line:

At the time, someone had gotten hold of her sex tape. She and her family were about to start “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” as well as Barker told her how to become a reality TV star.

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Barker says that they then started to hang out and were “really sweet around each other.” Kardashian was even in ads for his clothing line, Famous Stars & Straps, as well as Barker frequently saw Kardashian as well as her family at Dash, the clothes store they used to own but have since closed.

Barker Says That He As Well As Kardashian Did Not Have A Romance.

“Because of her tapes, you might think I did the worst things alongside this girl, yet it was exactly the opposite of every other time I’ve met a woman,” he wrote. “When it came to Kim, I only wanted to be a gentleman to her.”

Barker says that he and Kardashian never got together physically. But in an interview within May 2021, Moakler said that Barker had slept with Kardashian when he and Moakler were together.

Kardashian Has Denied For A Long Time That She Ever Slept With Barker:

Barker says in his book that even after he started talking to Moakler again, he continued to want to see Kardashian. He says that Moakler threw a drink upon Kardashian when she found out that Barker was dating her.

Kardashian has denied for a long time that she ever had a sexual connection with Barker. In May 2021, she wrote in a Q&A on her Instagram story that they had been “friends for years” as well as that she was “happy for him and Kourt,” according to People.