When will you give news of Final Fantasy 16? Square Enix is ​​also expectant and invites us to be attentive


The company is preparing for the anniversary of Final Fantasy and expects news this month or the next.

When we think of Final Fantasy 16, the same word comes to mind for many of us: promises. Although Square Enix has already dropped some details about the next numbered installment in the franchise, they continue to insist that we still have to wait a bit more to see what’s new. In order not to make the public impatient, the game’s producer has already been renewing our hopes on multiple occasions, and everything indicates that we will see news very soon.

Square Enix expects more Final Fantasy 16 news this month or nextThis term doesn’t tell us much, but Square Enix has come to the fore to narrow down expectations a little more regarding news about Final Fantasy 16. And, as they have commented in the call regarding the results of their last year prosecutor, Square Enix has high expectations for the game and wait for news to this same month or, at most, next month.

David Gibson, senior analyst at MST Financial, collects these words along with other Square Enix plans. According to company statements, it plans to various titles for the following fiscal year (which includes the period of 2022-2023). However, most of the attention will be on the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversaryso we can expect a few months full of news related to the saga.

Of course, it is time for those responsible for Final Fantasy 16 to give more information about their game. We already know that development is well advanced, but we hardly know any details about the next installment in the franchise. So hopefully this wait may be over in a few weeks.

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