Where To See Bholaa Shankar, Tickets, Review, Box Office, And Final Word


Where To See Bholaa Shankar, Tickets, Review, Box Office, And Final Word:

The version of the Tamil movie “Vedalam,” which was directed by Meher Ramesh and is now called “Bholaa Shankar,” stars Chiranjeevi, Tamannah, as well as Keerthy Suresh. This movie is expected to be one of the most exciting and important ones to come out this season.

The movie comes out today, after the popularity of Chiranjeevi’s last movie, “Waltair Veerayya.”

Megastar Chiranjeevi Was Back With “Bholaa Shankar”:

Tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi is back with “Bholaa Shankar,” a copy of the Tamil hit “Vedalam,” which starred Ajit. “Waltair Veerayya” was a big hit. Bholaa Shankar, on the other hand, makes his fans and viewers sad.

Except for a few elegant dances and action scenes, Chiranjeevi couldn’t save the story, which was boring and full of silly jokes. The boring comedy song by Vennela Kishore is garbage.

After acting a Good Samaritan in numerous movies, Chiru shows ‘grey’ shades in this one, but the part of a thug is boring and old-fashioned, so it doesn’t offer much excitement.

After Making Misses Like “Shakti” And “Shadow” Director Meher Ramesh Is Coming Back:

The less said about Tamannaah’s vague and half-baked part, the better. With this much-hyped movie, director Meher Ramesh is making a return after making misses like “Shakti” and “Shadow.”

He hasn’t learned how to make movies yet, but he still thinks he can make a hit with a thin story and a lot of songs, fights, and jokes. Within the days to come, he is sure to be let down.

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When we see Chiranjeevi’s figure in Kolkata, we think of his hit movie “Chudalani Undi.” But this crazy movie can’t compete with it because the first one had an intense emotional connection between both father and son.

If Meher thought that the brother and sister in this movie could help him, he was wrong. Their relationship isn’t deep or passionate.

The movie is about Bholaa, who goes to Kolkata to put his sister in college and then moves into a small house. He gets a job driving a cab and sees Susanth following his sister.

Chiranjeevi Finds Out That A Gang Was Stealing Young Girls, Can Chiranjeevi Stop Them:

He finds out that the boy loves her and plans for them to get married. In the meantime, he finds out that a gang is stealing young girls as well as sets out to find them. Will he have the ability to catch the gang and get the girls out of danger? Find out by going to see the show in a theater.

Chiranjeevi’s signature dance moves as well as swagger in action episodes deserve praise, but his part as a thug who becomes a caring brother isn’t interesting enough to keep people watching.

Tamannaah’s Role Was About A Failed Lawyer:

Tamannaah acts a failed lawyer, as well as her main job is to make Chiranjeevi laugh whenever she can, since their fights in the past look more staged than real.

Keerthy Suresh’s part gives her a lot of room to act, and she does it with ease. Vennela Kishore’s dull comedy is a letdown, and Murali Sharma as well as Tulasi are fine as Keerthy Suresh’s parents.

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Mahati Swara Sagar Does Not Make Any Exciting Chart Toppi ng Songs:

Mahati Swara Sagar doesn’t make any exciting chart-topping songs, and Mamidala Tirupathi’s conversation is also not up to par. Instead of making remakes, Chiranjeevi should just do straight Telugu tales like “Waltair Veerayya.”

Since TFI is run by young stars, Chiru needs to be extra careful and prioritize quality over number if he wants to keep the reputation he has built up over the past forty years.

Unfortunately, his harsh words in real life about YCP leaders could make his fans excited about his lines in this movie.

Who Directed “Bholaa Shankar” And Who Was In It:

This movie is directed by Meher Ramesh, who got a new start in his work after a long break. As the official copy of the Tamil film “Vedalam,” which stars Ajith and had themes of sisterly love and strong action, this film is based on the same story.

Anil Sunkara is in charge of producing this project, and Mahathi Swara Sagar is in charge of the music. Chiranjeevi and Tamannah play the male and female leads, while Keerthy Suresh plays the sister.

You can get tickets to see “Bhola Shankar” at a theater close to you through BookMyShow, PayTM, or Amazon Pay.

The Trailer For “Bholaa Shankar”:

Where To See “Bholaa Shankar”:

The movie will be in cinemas all over the world on August 11. At the moment, you can’t get it on any OTT app.