Where To Watch Blood & Treasure Season 3


On May 21, CBS showed the first episode of Blood & Treasure, an action-adventure show that was made by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia. Mark Vlasic, Marc Webb, Ben Silverman, and Taylor Elmore, in addition to Federman and Scaia, also write and produce the show. CBS decided to give the show a second season, which will start in June 2019. In May 2022, it was announced that the show would move from CBS to Paramount+.

On July 17, 2022, Paramount+ showed the first episode of the second season. In the book “Blood and Treasure,” Danny McNamara, a former FBI agent who knows a lot about antiques, and Lexi Vaziri, a smart art thief, work together to catch the terrorist Karim Farouk. He uses the stolen property to pay for his attacks. Danny asks Lexi to help him catch Farouk and bring back his mentor, Dr. Anna Castillo.

Blood & Treasure Season 3: Renewal Status

It makes it look like Lexi and Danny’s journey is at an end. The network has affirmed that there will not be a third season of “Blood & Treasure.” It’s a shame because it would have been fun to watch more episodes. After two seasons that got mixed reviews from critics and fans all over the world, the show is over.

Based on 13 reviews collected by the website Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a 54% approval rating and an average rating of 5.78/10. Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, gave the series a score of 52 out of 100 according to feedback from 7 critics. This means that the reviews were “mixed or average.”

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Also, TVLine was the first to report that the show was ending, and the report hints that it was on the day that the Season 2 finale came out. Many fans remember that Federman told fans on Twitter, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m very grateful for what we got to do with this show, shooting our little action/adventure show on four continents and through a pandemic. Thanks to our partners at CBS for putting their faith in us and to our amazing writers, cast, crew, and staff for making it happen. It was by far the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. And thanks to all those who watched and helped get the word out.”

Blood & Treasure Story

In order to carry out their plan, Danny pretends to be an arms dealer, while Lexi asks Father Chuck for help deciphering data that has been encoded. Danny and Lexi follow a key clue to a castle where they think the Germans might have hidden Cleopatra’s tomb. At the same time, Fabi saves Hardwick, and Hardwick then tells Fabi who attacked Cleopatra.

Lexi tells Danny that a government official in Egypt might have information about Farouk (lying about her source). On the other hand, Farouk tries to get back the things he stole from the pyramids. The two quickly go to the highlands of Spain to look for a missing train car that may have been carrying Cleopatra’s tomb before it went missing. But when they get to Casablanca, they are watched by the police and their enemies.

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The FBI agrees to allow the couple looks for Cleopatra if Danny can get his father to say where stolen art from 20 years ago went. Danny’s father is one of the people accused of stealing the art. The Nazi hunters’ search leads them to Montréal, which suggests that the people who killed Cleopatra could possibly be alive and avoid capture. Gwen keeps Father Chuck in jail because he helped Danny and Lexi. She is sick of them.

Danny and Lexi also make it to the Bermuda Triangle, where they look for the missing smuggler’s jet. Gwen goes to the target area to do some investigating. In the end, the couple is in the worst possible situation, with Farouk’s Master Plan in full swing, all of their secrets out in the open, and their futures already set.

Blood and Treasure Season 3 Cast

Fans are hoping that their favorite actors from Season 2 will be back for Season 3, but there hasn’t been any official news about the cast for Season 3. You were blown away by how well they acted in season two. Some characters will stay the same as we go through this long-awaited third episode.

In Season 3 of Blood and Treasure, Alicia Coppola plays Dr. Anna Castillo, Sofia Pernas plays Lexi Waziri, Katia Winter plays Gwen Karlsson, Mark Gagliardi plays Father Chuck, and James Callis gives life to Simon Hardwick. Danny McNamara is played by Matt Barr (Walker), Aiden Shaw is played by Michael James Shaw, and Oded Fehr does a great job as Karim Farouk. John Larroquette plays Jay Reece, and Paget Brewster from BirdGirl plays Sister Lisa. Ali Hassan plays Taj Bin Yusef, Antonio Cupo plays Captain Bruno Fabi and Tony Nash is Omar. Last but not least, Anna Silk’s Roarke brings this great set to a close.

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Where can I watch Blood & Treasure?

Blood & Treasure will only be shown on Paramount+. Based on a UK subscription, the price of Paramount+ is £6.99 per month, and new customers can try it for free for 7 days. Blood and Treasure were also shown for the first time on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. So, if season 2 of Blood and Treasure comes out, it will be on these platforms.

Blood & Treasure Season 3 Release Date

CBS decided in June 2019 to bring the show back for a second season. It was made public that the show will move from CBS to Paramount+ in May 2022. On July 17, 2022, the first episode of season 2 aired on Paramount+. Unfortunately, season 3 was canceled, so there is no release date.