Where to Watch In Love All Over Again


The ideal programme to watch on Valentine’s Day is In Love All Over Again, a new Spanish series from Netflix that debuted on February 14. The majority of viewers began watching it as soon as it was published and have already finished the first season. They are now left wondering whether there will be a season 2 of In Love All Over Again. That’s never been an issue for us. All we know about a prospective sequel was disclosed.

Carlos Montero is the creator of the Spanish-language Netflix original In Love All Over Again. The episodes were also directed by Barbara Farré, Mateo Gil, Ginesta Guindal, and Carlota Pereda, while the screenplays were written by Montero, Guillermo J. Escribano, and Almudena Ocaa.

It relates to the tale of a 20-year love affair. The action of the narrative begins in September 2003. Irene, a young lady, moves to Madrid to follow her career aspirations as a film director. She meets her closest friends and Julio, a fellow student with someone whom she ends up falling in and out of love many times, while enrolled in college as a film student.

Has season 2 of In Love All Over Again been cancelled or renewed?

The show is going to be a success, that much is certain. We may also comment on the storyline’s simplicity and the unquestionably lovely connection the two actors have. The central idea is two individuals falling for one another and then breaking up for over twenty years. The plot centres on them and the challenges they encounter from 2003 until 2022. On February 14, 2023, the first season of the In Love All Over Again Netflix original series premiered.

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Fans still can’t get enough of In Love All Over Again, which was only published on Valentine’s Day. While it is still gaining viewers, it is safer to suggest that the programme may be renewed, but we can’t be sure since there have been no formal statements. It will only be a matter of time until the creators announce Season 2 if the traffic for the programme continues to increase with the same fervour. Moreover, a mystery from the show’s finale suggests that In Love All Over Again Season 2 may be revived.

The cast and crew of “In Love All Over Again”

A well-known cast from previous Netflix productions is included in In Love All Over Again, featuring Georgina Amoros as the female protagonist, Irene. Cayetana Grajera was her character in the famous Spanish television series Elite, in which she had appearances in 31 episodes (excluding the short tales).

Code Name Emperor, Welcome to the Family, and Bajo sospecha are some of her other well-known works. The male protagonist, Julio, is portrayed by Franco Masini, who previously played Luka Colucci in the Mexican Netflix original series Rebelde. Masini made his acting debut in the Peter Punk series in 2011, and since then, he has participated in a large number of movies and television programmes, such as My Beautiful Hope, Love After Loving, Solo el Amor, and The Clan.

Together with these two main characters, Carlos Gonzalez, who has been on HBO and Amazon Prime’s Dangerous Mothers, is also a part of the cast. Da will be portrayed by Max’s Veneno, Matt by Kyle Scudder (previously seen in Peacock’s Vampire Academy), Jimena by Blanca Martinez (Indulto Tardio), Gonzalo by Alejandro Jato (Serramoura), and Auxiliar de Direccion by Andrea Carrion Samaniego (Lola!). Meanwhile, nameless parts are being played by Abril Montilla (30 Coins), Roser Vilajosana (The Tunnel), and Albert Salazar (La Riera).

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The series is co-directed by Ginesta Guindal (Elite), Carlota Pereda (There Will Be Monsters), Mateo Gil (The Sea Within), Barbara Farre (Amaia Romero: El relampago), and Ginesta Guindal, who each directed two episodes. The script was co-written by the series’ creator Carlos Montero, Guillermo J. Escribano (Sexto), and Almudena Ocana (Toy Boy).

Prior to this, Montero wrote and created well-known works like Elite, Feria: The Darkest Light, and Elite Short Tales. His other prominent works as a director and writer for television include the 2010 short film Easy Money and the television series The Mess You Leave Behind. Diego Betancor and Carlos Montero, who previously worked together on Elite and Elite Short Tales, are the series’ executive producers.

In Love All Over Again Season 1 finale

Irena, who is eager to become a film director, comes to Madrid in Season One. At home in Castellon, she is in a long-distance relationship with Fer. She wants Julio to play a major role in her short film once she enters the film school. During one after-party, she made the proposition to him, which he graciously accepted. After a bomb goes off in Madrid, the atmosphere between them changes, causing Fer to go from Castellon to support Irena. following Julio’s invitation to a gathering. She says no because she believes all he needs is arm candy.

Eventually, they drift away, and guess who Irena is getting married to now? in honour of her long-term partner. She musters up the courage to view the video Julio prepared for her on the day of her wedding. She calls him with an upset voicemail after seeing the movie. Julio enters before the wedding and demands a moment with Irena.

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He admits that he’s been offered a part in a significant movie. He will, however, consent to one term provided Irena serves as the Director. With that, the season’s climax arrived, bidding us farewell while giving us brief glances at a perplexed Irena.

When and Where Can I Watch In Love All Over Again?

As we’ve previously said, Netflix is all about trying to make sure you have plans set up for significant holidays, thus In Love All Over Again is scheduled to premiere on February 14—Valentine’s Day. In Love All Over Again is best enjoyed with your significant other curled up in bed, with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine, or, if you’d rather spend this holiday alone, with a box of chocolates and some Chinese cuisine.

The series is claimed to feature eight episodes so far and will only be accessible to view on Netflix.

In Love All Over Again Trailer

Julio and Irene are introduced at the opening of the clip. The narrative begins when Irene first meets Julio, an actor, and she is aspiring to be a filmmaker. The two quickly fall in love, but over time, things get challenging. Would Julio and Irene still be in love after all of their breakups and reconciliations?