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“Which of the two are you in the photo?”: The surreal conversation between a tenant and his landlady with Ronaldo as the protagonist

The tweet that went viral
The tweet that went viral

The plan was simple. A young Spaniard had to go visit a property to see if he liked it and there he would meet the owner, who would receive him to show him the apartment. To plan the meeting, they had a previous conversation where they shared some information and agreed on the day and time for the visit, although the conversation took an unexpected turn that made it viral.

The user David Zato published the WhatsApp talk he had with who may be his next landlady, in which it is observed how the cordial dialogue becomes surreal in the face of a woman’s query, which the native of Cadiz described as an “epic” moment.

Is that Marisa, seeing that her profile picture showed two people, consulted her future tenant “Which of the two are you in the photo?” What he did not notice is that one was none other than Ronaldo Nazario, idol of Brazilian soccer and one of the best strikers of all time.

The conversation between David and Marisa
The conversation between David and Marisa
David's profile picture
David’s profile picture

“Conversation with what can be my future landlady. Epic. EPIC, ”wrote David Zato who posted the screenshot on Twitter and received more than 6 thousand retweets, 400 comments and 58 thousand likes. “I stream from time to time with Ronaldo, in case you want to come and say hello,” he joked in the next post.

The woman’s confusion caused much grace in the young man from Cádiz and in thousands of users, stunned by the lack of information that the landlady had. It is worth remembering that Ronaldo shone in the Real Madrid between 2002 and 2006, being one of the galactics, in addition to having had a successful passage through the FC Barcelona in the 1996/97 season, so in Spain he is quite a celebrity. In addition, he is currently the president of Valladolid.

“Tell him that you are the tenant and the other one who pays,” replied one user, while another wrote: “Put a video of your highlights”, as a joke. At the same time, several were outraged by the image and pointed out that women do not have to know who Ronaldo is: “I don’t know why you think that everyone is interested in football or its players,” commented one user, while another added: “With all due respect, I who have seen Ronaldo play, I would not have recognized him either. Besides, we don’t have to know who is who, not everything revolves around soccer. “

The mystery now surrounds how the meeting between the two was and how the conversation continued. Has Ronaldo been to see the apartment?


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