Who are the players who were at Ceibos 2020 and play SLAR 2021 in other countries?


The American Rugby Super League 2021, started this Tuesday and all teams have Argentine players in their ranks, many of them participated from the Ceibos 2020 squad.

Twenty-two are the players who were on the Ceibos squad in 2020 and play in a 2021 American Super League team.

Now, of the Argentine delegation that played the few games played in SLAR 2020, there are ten that were confirmed in other teams. In addition, others like Mensa, Cordero and Dimcheff are not there since they are in Europe.

The team that included the most Argentines on its roster -without counting Jaguares XV- was Olimpia from Paraguay. The cast of Asunción confirmed 19 players from Argentina. Of those 19 there are seven who were on the Ceibos squad in 2020. They are: Lucas Favre, Leopoldo Herrera, Ignacio Inchauspe, Rodrigo Martínez, Lucas Santa Cruz, Joaquín Pellandini and Carlos Repetto.

Gonzalo García, a scrum half from Tucumán who wore the Ceibos shirt, plays for the Colombian franchise called Cafeteros Pro along with Facundo Ferrario, a center who was also at Ceibos 2020. The coach of the same is Rodolfo Ambrosio, García’s compatriot and former coach of Brazil .

For its part, the Chilean team Selknam also included an exCeibos in its ranks. This is forward Santiago Portillo who will be present again in the American Rugby Super League.

Lastly, Peñarol from Uruguay included a former Ceibos player. The same is Conrado Roura, the eighth from Cordoba had been announced as a reinforcement of Dallas to play the MLR, but is currently playing the SLAR with the coal cast.

In addition to the three players who are in Europe, there are another three who played the SLAR 2020 and are not present in the current edition. They are Alejandro Luna, Leonel Oviedo and Jerónimo Ureta.



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