Who is Anita Álvarez, the athlete who starred in a dramatic moment in the World Swimming Championships

Anita Álvarez, Mexican-American swimmer.  Photo: AFP/Oli Scarff
Anita Álvarez, Mexican-American swimmer. Photo: AFP/Oli Scarff

The American swimmer with Mexican origins, Anita Álvarez marked the moment of greatest drama in the World swimming championship which takes place in Budapest, Hungary. Or at least as far as the development of the competition goes. The athlete lost consciousness during the performance of her presentation in the pool, so she had to be rescued by her coach.

Is about Andrea Fuentesa four-time Olympic medalist for Spain and later a coach for the United States, was the one who gave relief in the first instance to Álvarez She lay faint at the bottom of the pool. After pulling her to the surface, she was finally helped by the lifeguards of the enclosure. It was later reported that the swimmer was in good condition, without major danger.

Anita is an artistic swimmer from 25 years old with Mexican ancestry who mainly competes in the specialty of synchronized swimming. In his career he has twice represented the national team of the category for the stars and stripes in Olympic jousts: Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 (couldn’t get any medals).

Anita Álvarez, Mexican-American swimmer.
Anita Álvarez, Mexican-American swimmer.

In 2014 he competed for the first time as a professional in the Junior World Championships and a year later, in 2015, he competed in the World Swimming Championships held in Kazan, Russia. In 2016 she was recognized as the best synchronized swimmer in the United States alongside Mariya Koroleva. Three years later, Álvarez competed for her country in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games where got two bronze medals: the first in synchronized swimming in pairs and the second in synchronized swimming in teams.

During the turn of the Mexican-American athlete in the water of Budapest for the dispute of the final of the artistic swimming free solo (where she finished seventh place), one of the most dramatic images of world sport in recent times was presented: the athlete unconscious at the bottom of the pool. Although moments later it was learned that Álvarez had no difficulty in regaining consciousness, the shocking scene was recorded by various cameras.

Anita Álvarez, Mexican-American swimmer.  Photo: AFP/Oli Scarff
Anita Álvarez, Mexican-American swimmer. Photo: AFP/Oli Scarff

“Anita is much better, she is already full. It was a good substitute, really. I have jumped into the water again because I saw that no one, no lifeguard, jumped. I was a little scared because he wasn’t breathing, but now he’s fine. You have to rest. Tomorrow he will rest all day and he will be very well for the team final”, said the Spanish coach Andrew Fuentes, hours after the events.

In spite of everything, the swimmer remains in the line-up that will compete in the team synchronized swimming final on Friday, June 24 (although this can still be modified). However, the fact has become relevant because It is not the first time that something similar has happened to Álvarez. In 2021, the athlete fainted during a test at an Olympic qualifying tournament held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


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