Who is “el Sheque”, the scorer who signed Estudiantes de La Plata and performs an extravagant training on hot embers

Pablo Sabbag, and his training on hot embers (@ pablosabbag11)
Pablo Sabbag, and his training on hot embers (@ pablosabbag11)

Some will say that the Colombian method Pablo Sabbag Daccarett to train your concentration is far from being absolutely innovative. They could even assure that he was inspired by what Mauricio Pochettino did during 2013 when he took command of Southampton. However, no one can deny that the brand new reinforcement of La Plata students he is quite a daring and dared to go through an extravagant procedure.

Weeks before closing its landing in Argentina, the Sheikh Sabbag Daccarett was encouraged to walk on hot embers under the supervision of a coach. The reason? Train your mind. “Training Day. Growing, learning and surpassing myself every day! What a nice experience brother “, wrote at that time on his social networks with an emoji of a heart and another of a brain.

In dialogue with TyC Sports, the 23-year-old footballer elaborated on the subject: “I have a coach named Sergio Díaz, with whom I have been working since last year. The mind believes there are things it cannot do, but in reality it can. It is to stress the mind and take it to uncomfortable places, so that later, for example, in everyday situations, I can get around them “.

Despite his youth, the attacker has a diverse career: he started in Deportivo Cali, but he quickly left yielded to the promotion of his country where he wore the shirt of the Orsomarso of Palmira. The performance on his return to his home club earned him a transfer for 2019 to Portuguese football with the humble Tondela sports car. It lasted little and returned to land coffee makers: settled in Equity and caught the attention of Click.

Pablo Sabbag’s goal against Godoy Cruz

The Sheikh, a nickname given to him by a partner because of his Arab ancestry According to himself, he arrived in La Plata during the second week of February with a contract to 18 month loan and the possibility of execute the purchase option of 50% of the token if the club authorities so desire.

Lefty, 1.88 meters, it took just 9 minutes to inflate the nets Argentines: he scored 2-0 against Godoy Cruz when there was little left for the end of the game with a shot that was deflected by an opponent. So far, the team at Russian Zielinski played two games (against River and the one mentioned against Tomb). Next Sunday, from 19.20, he will receive Racing for the third date of the League Cup, but during the last practices the attacking pair was made up of Federico González and Leandro Díaz, so Sabbag will have to continue waiting on the bench .

However, while waiting for his chance to shine in Argentine soccer, Sabbag continues to show off his multifaceted life: she is also a singer. In 2017 he released the song “My angel face”, what’s wrong with it just over 15 thousand views in Youtube. In the note with the aforementioned medium, he said that he learned to play the accordion with 10 years and also know guitar, but although he has several more written topics he still will not delve into that role: “An artist has to be staying up late, visiting discos and clubs, which I cannot. I have to be patient and in the future I will remove them. I came up with the topic out of nowhere. I was dating at the time and very much in love. I made the video, very casual, and I took it out ”.


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