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Who is Romano, the great-grandson of former dictator Benito Mussolini who is one step away from making his Lazio debut

Romano Floriani Mussolini is 18 years old (Photo: Lazio)
Romano Floriani Mussolini is 18 years old (Photo: Lazio)

At this time the news that surprises Italian football is that the surname Mussolini could be part of the A league anytime. It is that the DNA of the former dictator is within one of the most promising juveniles that the Lazio, one of the most important clubs in the country and historically related to fascism.

Romano Floriani Mussolini He turned 18 and is already training with the “Primavera” team of the cast of the capital. That is, if for some reason the coach of the first division needed a right back, he could turn to the young great-grandson of the former leader of the regime that ruled Italy between 1942 and 1945. Obviously, his last name has caused a stir in the sport of the European nation, but several voices have come out to explain that his blood is not at all linked to his personality.

Mauro Bianchessi, director of the Italian side’s academy, described the footballer as “A truly humble guy, a very hard worker who never complained even if he didn’t play for a minute for two years ”. Also, in statements posted by the site AnsaHe added: “I liked him and I still like him, he is tall, with long limbs, he won a place first with the U17 team and then with the U18 team, in my opinion he is not ready yet, but he still has room to grow and can go out. a real player. “

Regarding his ancestry, he noted: “Is your last name a problem? I have never talked to their parents They have never been interested in the boy’s athletic performance. My last name does not affect me, who deserves to go out into the field. He’s a good boy. “

Benito Mussolini, doing the fascist salute before the crowd from a balcony
Benito Mussolini, doing the fascist salute before the crowd from a balcony

Romano is son of Alessandra Mussolini, a former member of the European Parliament, who, when asked about the sporting future of her child, commented: “It is an issue that I prefer to stay out of. My son does not want me to interfere in his life and his things ”. As for the rest of his family, he has two sisters, Clarissa and Caterina and is a nephew of none other than Sophia Loren, his grandmother’s sister Maria Scicolone, wife Romano Mussolini, his grandfather and fourth son of The Duke.

The young man has just turned 18 and after some years at Vigor Perconti in Roma, he joined the Lazio, where he waits for an opportunity, while standing out on the right wing. Although he tries to keep a low profile, this is complicated by his last name and he has already appeared on television in November 2020 when he was invited to the program ‘Dancing with the stars’ to walk the track with his mother.

In social networks, many users pointed directly against the Lazio for having among its ranks the great-grandson of the late dictator and recalled that the club has a history of fascist ties. Without going any further, in April 2019 a group of ultras unfolded a banner that read “Honor to Benito Mussolini” in a square of Milan, in the preview of a match for the Italian Cup. The people who displayed that flag chose a specific fist, the Piazzale Loreto, a place where the body of the regime leader was exposed and then suspended by the feet in April 1945.

Ultras of Lazio with the flag in honor of Benito Mussolini
Ultras of Lazio with the flag in honor of Benito Mussolini

In April 2020, Mario Balotelli was the victim of racist chants from fans of the Lazio in the game that the capital’s team played at the stadium of Brescia for date number 18 of Serie A. As a result of this discriminatory act, the forward forced the referee to stop the match for a few minutes and ask the fans of the visiting team to desist from their attitude.

Another reprehensible fact carried out by the capital’s ultras happened in 2017, when they hit the Olympic stadium images of Anne Frank, the young Jewish writer who died in a concentration camp in 1945, wearing the shirt of Roma, her classic rival.


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