Who is the Argentine who scored the first goal of the new edition of the Champions League

Danilo Rinaldi was the author of the first conquest in the most coveted tournament in Europe

It was a meeting that did not have the marquee that international football is accustomed to. A distant duel that started the Champions League. And in the most coveted tournament in Europe, the Argentine Danilo Rinaldi, native of the Buenos Aires city of St nicolasscored the first goal of the current edition, although his team, La Fiorita of San Marinoended up losing by 2 a 1 with the Inter Escaldes de Andorra and was eliminated in the first preliminary round of the contest.

The experienced 36-year-old scored 45 minutes into the first half, but the Spaniard Genis Soldevila He scored the first double of the tournament, in the complement, to give the victory to the Andorrans.

Rinaldi made inferior in Chacaritalater he played in clubs of the nicoleña league and the Argentino B and in 2008 I travel to San Marino to join the SS Virtus. It was later nationalized, became La Fiorita and was summoned to the local team, with which he already participated in 41 international meetings.

Naturally, the culture of oldest republic in the world It differs in many aspects with ours and around the ball, those differences are also noticeable. “Football is very different from there. Here they do not have the passion that they have in Argentina. Those who are truly passionate follow the Soccerdue to its proximity to Italy”, he analyzed in an interview given to Infobae.

Independent of the Roman Empire since September 301, Italian is spoken in the oldest sovereign state on the planet. With 30,000 inhabitants, San Marino is the fifth smallest country, so adaptation is not easy. “The first months I had a hard time because of the language. I didn’t understand them at all, but luckily I came with my cousin and between the two of us we were able to get used to it. Then my cousin’s brothers arrived with the whole family and we managed to be well united, because we were more”, recalled the player who, despite everything, was amazed when he set foot on those lands: “The city is spectacular, I didn’t imagine it that way. It has mountains with towers that are difficult to describe. When I arrived I couldn’t believe it, it was like a fairy tale”.

In La Fiorita Another Argentine plays, Rosario ramiro lakearising from the lower Newell’s and passing through Federal Shooting, the Italian rise and the San Marino League.

From this first preliminary round, which is played as a single match in Reykjavik, Icelandparticipated the champions of San Marino (La Fiorita), Andorra (Inter Escaldes), Estonia (FCI Levadia) and the local tournament (Vikingur).

Precisely Vikingur he thrashed in the second inning Levadia by 6 a 1 and on Friday he will play with Scalds for qualification to the next round, in which the winner will face Malmoe of Sweden.


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