WHO told when the corona epidemic will end, how much will have to wait, know


CORONA EPIDEMIC: The World Health Organization WHO has stated that the corona epidemic will end within two years. The head of the organization, Tedros Edanom Gebres, said that the Spanish flu epidemic that had been wreaking havoc in the world for more than two years in 1918, Corona virus will also wreak havoc for so long. Also Read – OTC ointment will eliminate Corona Virus, claims American drug company – will work like this

Tedros has called it a once-in-a-lifetime global crisis on Earth and has said that although the corona virus has spread throughout the world at a much faster rate than the Spanish flu in this period of globalization, today there are such technologies in the world, Who can fight this epidemic, but there were no such facilities then. Also Read – Bihar suffering from Corona hit: Assembly elections will be very expensive for Nitish government this time

WHO’s disaster head, Dr. Michael Ryan, also said that there were three waves in the world of 1918 flu and the second wave was the most dangerous of them, although they do not think that Kovid-19 also followed the same pattern. Will increase Ryan said that although the virus automatically starts to weaken according to the weather, but in the case of corona virus, it has not been seen so far. In this way, this virus will also be earned and will end by wreaking havoc like other viruses. But it will take time. Also Read – Big news: Metro will start running again in Delhi from next month, what will be the rules-law, know

Let me tell you that the whole world is plagued by Corona epidemic, the infection of this virus spread rapidly and it has caused havoc in many countries. Vaccines are being searched to get rid of this virus. Trials of many vaccines are going on and trials of many vaccines have also been successful. Soon scientists will be successful in making its vaccine, till then people will have to bear the virus.


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