Who Was Sambhaji: Who was Sambhaji, why was Aurangabad’s name being changed? Know the story of Sambhajinagar

Who Was Sambhaji: There is talk of changing the name of Aurangabad, a major city in Maharashtra to Sambhajinagar. The politics of Maharashtra has been hot on this issue. Meanwhile, the name of Sambhaji Bhosale is being searched extensively. After all, who was Sambhaji, in whose name there is a preparation for naming this city. In this city is the famous tomb of Mughal ruler Aurangzeb’s Begum (BIbi ka Maqbara). Also Read – Government will be in danger if Aurangabad is renamed: Sanjay Nirupam

Actually, Sambhaji was the second ruler of the Maratha empire and the son of Shivaji. He was the eldest son of Shivaji and he was the king of the Maratha Empire for nearly nine years after his father’s death. His life span was from 14 May 1657 to March 1689. Shivaji and his son are mostly remembered for their war with the Mughal rulers. Also Read – Honor Killing: Sister who reached lover’s house and brother killed both, dead body burnt from pyre

In a war with the Mughals in 1689, Sambhaji was imprisoned and died in captivity. It is believed that the city of Aurangabad is named after the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. Sambhaji died in Aurangzeb’s captivity. Also Read – Hospital should be built in place of memorial of Bal Thackeray: AIMIM MP

Meanwhile, Maharashtra BJP chief Chandrakant Patil said on Monday that the decision to change the name of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar is “acceptable to all” and if his party comes to power in the municipal corporation here, it will pass a resolution in this regard. Patil also condemned the stand of Shiv Sena, which has been a supporter of the name change for many years, but now it is in power with the Congress continuously opposing it.

Patil told reporters, “Sambhajinagar name is acceptable to everyone. Then why don’t we change the name? I can assure you that when we come to power in Aurangabad (Municipal Corporation), we will pass a resolution in favor of change of name. “

He said, “Congress has opposed this. But Shiv Sena needs the support of Congress to run its government. The Shiv Sena must decide whether it will remain in the government on this issue. “

The Shiv Sena had demanded renaming of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar nearly two decades ago and in this regard a resolution was passed in Aurangabad Municipal Corporation in June 1995 which was later challenged by a Congress councilor in the High Court and then the Supreme Court. Was given

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