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Who were the footballers who died in the plane crash in Brazil

The four footballers who lost their lives
The four footballers who lost their lives

The world of sports in Brazil is in mourning, four players from Palmas Fútbol y Regatas and the president of the club, who plays in the country’s fourth division, died in a plane crash when they flew to Goiania to play a match against Vila Nova, for the so-called Green Cup. The pilot also lost his life.

The private aircraft rented by the club fell to the ground for reasons still unknown shortly after taking off from Porto Nacional, municipality of the Amazonian state of Tocantins. It was totally destroyed. “We regret to report that there are no survivors. At this time of pain and dismay, the club asks for prayers for the family members, to which it will offer due support, “said the institution in the information note by which it made the painful news public.

As the hours passed, the identity of the deceased was known. Dreams that were cut short by tragedy. Lucas Meira, the head of the entity, was just 32 years old. Guilherme NoéThe 28-year-old was the most experienced of the players. Defender, built a long career for the Ascension of Brazil. He wore the jerseys of Tupí FC, Tombense, Audax de Rio de Janeiro, Mirassol, Caldense, San Bernardo and Nacional de San Pablo and Democrat of Minas Gerais, among others.

Marcus Molinari, a 23-year-old midfielder, had played in Ipatinga, Tupi and Vila Nova before joining Palmas y Regatas. He also aspired to make the leap from the Brazilian Ascent. As Lucas Praxedes Carvalho, 23-year-old left back and spent in Botafogo de Paraíba, Capivariano and XV de Jaú before embarking on the experience in Palmas.

Ranule, 27, was a goalkeeper. Why were they traveling apart and were no longer with the squad, which had just played a match against Real Noroeste? As indicated Or Balloon, the goalkeeper, Noé and Praxedes had just been discharged after beating COVID-19 and had been called up for the duel on Monday.

Despite not being a renowned club in Brazil, founded in 1977 in the city of Palmas, the capital of Tocantins, the institution has won the regional championship of this state seven times and in 2004 he surprised by reaching the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

Images of the plane’s impact area where the players and the president of Palmas Fútbol y Regatas died

Once again an air tragedy hits the football verdeamarelo, just over four years after the accident in Colombia that caused the death of most of the Brazilian club Chapecoense’s squad. That November 28, 2016, the squad was traveling to Medellín to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana and crashed 17 kilometers from the airport in the Colombian city.

In the tragedy, 71 of the 77 people who were in the aircraft died of the Bolivian airline Lamia, among them players, members of the board of directors and the coaching staff, as well as a score of journalists who accompanied the club in its first final in an international tournament.

Chapecoense shared a message of regret on social networks that served as a unifying condolences for all clubs in Brazil and the rest of the region. “It is with deep sadness that we received the news of the plane crash that took the athletes and the president of Palmas Futebol. Unfortunately, yeswe know how is this moment of insurmountable pain for irreparable losses and we wish that no other group had to feel the same, ”he shared.

“Given this, however, we express our feeling of strength and our total solidarity with family members, friends, colleagues and fans. They will not go through this alone, ”concluded the Santa Catarina entity.



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