Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off ‘The View’ Stage In A Funny Way During A Discussion Regarding Miranda Lambert’s Selfie Drama


Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off ‘The View’ Stage In A Funny Way During A Discussion Regarding Miranda Lambert’s Selfie Drama:

Whoopi Goldberg is so sick of The View’s day of Hot Topics that she left the table within the middle of a heated talk in order to snap a selfie alongside a 91-year-old the audience member.

When she first brought up the subject with her co-hosts, the TV host looked annoyed. She rolled her eyes and sighed as she told the tale.

Whoopi Goldberg took a stand as well as taken a crowd selfie in response to Miranda Lambert’s judgment to tell fans off for taking photos of themselves at her show.

What Is The Opinion On The Matter Was Apparent From  The Star:

Goldberg’s opinion upon the matter was apparent from the start, as she rolled her eyes while saying on Thursday’s show of “The View” that “people online are split regarding this,” referring to Lambert scolding concertgoers.

During a panel discussion about Miranda Lambert yelling at a group of concertgoers for taking snaps throughout her Las Vegas residency show, cohost Sunny Hostin said, “If I paid $757 for tickets, I’m going to take as many selfies as I want.” This made Goldberg respond.

What Is The Actual Matter?

Miranda’s Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas show has been going on since July 15. On July 15, fans saw the country singer stop singing when she saw a group of fans taking selfies while she had been belting out a moving song.

She told the crowd at the time that she didn’t like the sight as well as wanted them to pay attention to the music. When the topic came up again in a later part of The View, Whoopi talked regarding how she would feel in the same position.

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“What do you know? “Stay home,” said the Ghost actor who won an Oscar. “If you’re going to pay $750 for a ticket to my concert, then at least watch me do what I do, or don’t come.”

Goldberg stood up from her monitor seat as well as stated, “Turn on the TV, girl,” after Hostin said she loves to keep music memories on her phone so she can watch them again.

Joy Behar asked the 67-year-old woman where she was headed as she walked toward the crowd. “You guys, I’m leaving!” Goldberg said this as she made her journey to the initial row of studio seats.

“I’d like to snap a picture alongside this wonderful 91-year-old woman. So, it’s time to do a picture. Just myself and you,” Goldberg told the woman as he walked up to her. “Are you going to press that button? We’ll see you soon.”

Recently Bebe Rexha Requested The Fans  Not To Throw Cell Phone At Her:

Recently, phones at shows, whether to take selfies or for other reasons, have been a source of debate in the music world. Bebe Rexha recently requested admirers not to throw cell phones at her when she went back on stage after a phone hit her in the face.

Later, it came out that a doctor checked on her and stitched up the area above her eye. Pop stars like Latto and Adele have since told their fans not toss things at them on stage.

Within Past Month Drake Was Also Hit Through By A Cell Phone During The Concert:

This month, Drake was hit through a phone during a show in Chicago, making him the latest act to have something thrown at them. Billie Eilish also said that the trend of people throwing things at artists onstage is “frustrating.”

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The comedian often speaks out about things that are talked about on the show. Some topics are less controversial, like a heated argument Goldberg had with her former co-host Meghan McCain in 2019 regarding cutting individuals off while they were talking.

“Color Purple” Star Was Banned For Two Weeks Debating On Relating To Race On Talk Show Within 2022:

In 2022, though, the “Color Purple” star was kicked off the talk program for two weeks after she said the Holocaust wasn’t “relating to race” and then said it was again.