Whoopi Goldberg Yells At Her Co-host For What She Said Joy Behar Was Fired From “The View” Once, Which She Admits


Whoopi Goldberg Yells At Her Co-host For What She Said Joy Behar Was Fired From “The View” Once, Which She Admits:

Whoopi Goldberg got angry at her co-host Ana Navarro for saying that Joy Behar was once “fired” from the daily talk show, which Behar has been open about.

On Monday’s show, the women of “The View” remembered Bill Geddie, who helped make the show and died upon Thursday at age 68.

Navarro said that Behar, who wasn’t there, had a lot of respect for the late executive producer, even though they had had some problems in the past. He said, “Bill hired Joy as well as fired Joy, but she still loves him.”

Goldberg Cut Off Navarro On Live Tv Just After It’s Statement:

Goldberg, who is 67 years old, cut off Navarro live on TV after she said that Geddie had “fired” Joy Behar in 2013.

Navarro said this to former host Sherri Shepherd, who was on Monday’s show to remember Geddie. Goldberg didn’t take any time putting her in her place.

During the chat, Shepherd, who used to be a co-host on the show, talked regarding how Geddie was always encouraging the women to have their voices heard upon the show regardless of what was going on. Shepherd remembered a conversation she had with the late Senator John McCain where she didn’t say a word.

“I didn’t say anything, as well as Bill called me and asked, ‘Why didn’t you say anything?'” Shepherd remembered telling him that the women’s questions were asked out of order, and that she had a hard time joining the talk.

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“He told me to stop everything. You’re sitting at that table, as well as you have something to say. You jump in and let people know who you are.’ He was so mean, and I asked, “Are you not going to greet me?”

“Bill hired Joy as well as fired Joy, and she continues to love him,” Navarro said, referring to Joy Behar’s two-year leave from the show within 2013.

Goldberg Said That He Did Not Fired Joy:

“He didn’t he didn’t fire Joy,” Goldberg said, pointing at Navarro as everyone in the room fell silent. “No, he did not.”

“That was the next iteration,” Hostin tried to explain. Goldberg would look back at Navarro as she passed the conversation to Griffin, who had a further inquiry for Shephard.

Behar said she was leaving the show in March 2013, yet by September 2015, she was back on the panel. When she initially left, she told Time, “I constantly have friends where I job, so if I have no friends at the job, I won’t stay there.”

So, when I was let go from this show the last time, people asked me, “Were you good alongside that?” I told them I was happy due to all of my friends had already left. So there was not any reason to stay. I’m serious.’

Goldberg Was Always On The View When Behar Left:

Goldberg, on the other hand, was always on The View when Behar left. ‘Really? She stated Behar live upon TV, as the crowd gasped, “So all your friends have left?”

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The Oscar-winning actress then made a fake trembling lip, pretended to cry, as well as said, “It’s okay, I’m fine!” Behar tried to explain herself by saying, “You had just come in while my friends backstage had already left.” And I dislike being at work when I lack anyone to talk to.

Goldberg later said that she and Behar had “been friends for a long time” and that she was just “teasing” her. The two women often argue on the ABC show. Just last week, when Goldberg’s cell phone rang live on air, she said that the 80-year-old was “overshadowing” her.