Why are male to female doctors begging with eunuchs? The story is emotional


She was once a male but she changed her gender and became a woman. But what happened after that was even more frightening. In fact, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the police has saved a doctor who is begging for sex change on the streets. However, the police are now helping him to open a clinic. Also Read – Cyclone Nivar: Cyclone ‘Prevention’ is getting ravine, 100-110 KM / h strong winds, holiday declared in Tamil Nadu

A doctor who undergoes a sex change has requested not to be named. It is expected that she will approach the Medical Council of India and open a clinic to make appropriate changes in the records. She graduated from Madurai Government Medical College in 2018. She underwent a gender change operation to become a woman, after which her family boycotted her. Also Read – Blackmailing Nurse for Sex: Doctor gets very expensive, punishment worse than death

After this operation, she was fired by the hospital where she had been working for a year. Tilgar Tidal Police recently detained some eunuchs for harassing shopkeepers and begging. Police Inspector Ji Kavita said, “Initially I could not believe that he was a doctor. She cried and said that she has a medical degree but it is in the first name. ” Also Read – The doctor used to blackmail the beautiful nurse for sex, the nurse murdered and cooked the body in the fire

The police verified the documents and contacted the doctors of the Madurai Medical College and confirmed that the sex change doctor was a male in the college. After being evicted from the hospital, she had no means to spend her life, had recently joined the eunuchs for begging. However, Kavita took her case to her superiors so that she could be helped.

Kalki, who founded the Sahodari Foundation, an organization working for eunuchs, said on Tuesday, “Denying them jobs on the basis of gender is a human rights violation.” He said that the hospital cannot remove anyone from the job on the basis of gender and if the court’s decision comes in favor of the doctor, then the hospital will have to reinstate them.

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