Why did Riya Chakraborty say – our life is at risk, not getting help, is there any law?


Mumbai: Rhea Chakraborty has threatened her life. Riya asked the Mumbai Police to provide security to her and her family, as her life is threatened. Riya has also shared some videos. In this video, his father is surrounded by reporters in the building premises. In another video, the watchman of the building is saying that he was injured when he tried to stop the media persons. Riya said that her father and the watchman were hurt. Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput Case Updates: Riya Chakraborty asks for protection from police, video shares

Sharing the video on Instagram, Rhea Chakraborty wrote, “This is inside the compound of my building. The person in this video is my father Indrajit Chakraborty (Retired Army Officer). We are trying to get out of our house to cooperate in the investigation with ED, CBI. ” He said, “The life of me and my family is in danger. We informed the local police station and even went there, but did not get any help. We also informed the investigating officers, but no help was received. How will this family live in such a situation? We are only seeking help to cooperate with the investigating agencies. ” Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput Case Updates: Riya was mixing drugs in Sushant’s coffee by herself or at the behest of someone?

Riya wrote, “Ram has been the watchman of my building for the last 10 years. He got hurt, was beaten by media persons. Media people tried to enter the compound of my building, hurt the watchman and my father. Isn’t it a crime? Who is responsible for this? Is there any law? Are we barbarians? ” Riya further wrote, “The officials concerned will kindly note, children and elders also live in this building. This is the system in which we live. ” Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput Case Updates: Riya Chakraborty had stolen eight hard disk data, even stolen a debit card password

In the post, Riya said, “I request the Mumbai Police to kindly provide us security so that we can cooperate with the investigating agencies.” He also said, “These basic law and order restrictions need to be implemented in times of Kovid epidemic. Thank you.”

Earlier, KK Singh, father of Riya’s late lover Sushant Singh Rajput, released a video in the media openly announcing that Riya was poisoning her son and he is Sushant’s killer. In this 15-second video, Singh also demanded the CBI to arrest Riya and her accomplices.


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