Why did the primary Ultimate Delusion VII Remake DLC select Yuffie over Cid or Vincent?


The most important addition to Ultimate Delusion VII Remake Intergrade is the Yuffie’s new DLC, which can ship the huntress on a brand new journey. However, Why has Sq. Enix selected Yuffie over Vincent or a first-rate solid member like Cid?

The PlayStation Weblog posed this query to Ultimate Delusion VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura defined that Yuffie was once essentially the most suitable for the purpose within the tale at which Ultimate Delusion 7 Remake is situated, which is in a while after the realization of disc 1 of the unique recreation.

The overall tale follows that of the unique, so taking into account the place within the tale he’s at, Vincent continues to be in his dream and Cid is on Shinra’s facet, so Yuffie was once the one person who may just transfer freely.Nomura mentioned.

Within the unique recreation, Yuffie was once a secret persona which may be discovered in a while after leaving the Mythril mine on how one can Junon. Yuffie has a small probability to seem in woodland encounters, at which level she will also be recruited into the birthday celebration.

Sq. Enix has long past into a wide variety of information about Yuffie within the run-up to Intergrade, together with the unexpected beginning of her Moogle go well with. Within the new interview, Nomura additionally talks about Yuffie’s age, from his naughty persona and why Sq. Enix has selected a shuriken as a weapon.

As for Vincent, there is not any doubt that he’ll seem someday, however he’s nonetheless drowsing within the basement of the Shinra mansion in Nibelheim. That is Yuffie’s time to polish And we’re going to get to look his journey entire when Ultimate Delusion VII Remake Intergrade is going on sale on June 10.

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