Why Do So Many People Have A Problem With The Legend Of Korra?


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Korra in her element

I don’t know why (truly, I do know why, and I’ll get into that), however some folks actually hate The Legend of Korra. For many who don’t know and are simply ending Avatar: The Final Airbender on Netflix, The Legend of Korra is the next collection and it follows the subsequent Avatar within the cycle—a waterbender named Korra.

However whereas some folks love The Legend of Korra (Like me) others completely despise it, even going the size to say that it disrespects the legacy of Avatar: The Final Airbender. Now, clearly, I disagree, however I not less than need to discover a few of the causes why folks don’t like TLOK. There will likely be some mild spoilers up forward, however actually, that is for the individuals who haven’t watched the collection but. So I gained’t reveal something main in Korra (however I’ll for ATLA, so Avatar spoilers forward! ). Scout’s honor.

Listed below are the arguments made in opposition to The Legend of Korra

Korra in her Avatar state

1. That Korra Is a Horrible Avatar

What detractors will say: Whereas Aang wasn’t good, he made for an amazing Avatar. He had little or no time to grasp all 4 components, however he managed it, defeating Hearth Lord Ozai within the course of. However Korra made method too many errors. Particularly early on. And the occasions regarding what occurs to her reference to the previous Avatars is unforgivable.

Counterpoint: Whereas Korra did have her points, she exhibits much more development than Aang over the course of her collection, however solely as a result of she has to. She’s the polar reverse of Aang, who begins off very humble (that’s the airbender method) however ultimately comes into his personal as soon as he masters all 4 components. Korra is brash at first (and already is aware of all however one aspect after we first meet her), however turns into humble afterward, which makes her a really attention-grabbing Avatar, to say the very least. And by the top of the collection, she turns into a superb Avatar, exhibiting most of the identical traits as Aang. It simply takes her longer, that’s all.


2. That Having Completely different Villains Every Season Weakens the Collection

What detractors will say: Avatar: The Final Airbender had one main villain, and that’s Hearth Lord Ozai. Sure, there have been underlings within the Hearth Nation, and Zuko’s switching sides is without doubt one of the finest twists. However having simply Ozai as the principle villain made the ultimate battle rather more intense and private, making Guide Three arguably one of the best season in the entire collection. However Korra having a villain each season simply weakened the collection as a complete. Particularly since some villains had been higher than others.

Counterpoint: Sure, Unalaq SUCKED in Guide 2 of Korra, however I might argue that Amon, Kuvira, and particularly Zaheer are far superior to the humdrum Hearth Lord Ozai. All three aforementioned villains on The Legend of Korra are advanced with their motives, and so they every affect their respective seasons rather more than Hearth Lord Ozai ever did in the complete collection of ATLA. You know the way some persons are like, yeah, Killmonger was form of proper in Black Panther? Properly, Amon, Kuvira, and Zaheer all have that vibe going for them, too. Ozai is fairly one dimensional compared.

Republic City

3. That Republic Metropolis Is the Solely Main Setting In Korra, and That Stinks

What detractors will say: Avatar: The Final Airbender had a number of distinctive places, however The Legend of Korra is sort of fully spent in Republic Metropolis. Not solely that, however Republic Metropolis is fairly lame because the steampunk aesthetic is extra of a distraction that anything.

Counterpoint: Really, I don’t have a lot to say to this one. It’s all only a matter of desire. Sure, the development, given the comparatively quick span between ATLA and TLOK, does seem to be a bit too large of a leap. However I personally just like the old-timey, and but, considerably trendy setting of Korra. However I do perceive why many individuals hate it.

The cast of The Legend of Korra

4. The Characters on Korra Aren’t As Memorable Because the Ones On Avatar

What detractors will say: No character on Korra is nearly as good as Aang, Toph, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, or Uncle Iroh. Not a single one.

Counterpoint: I extremely disagree with this one. Whereas Bolin isn’t any Sokka, and Mako isn’t any Zuko, they’re not speculated to be. TLOK has a really completely different tone from ATLA, and in addition very completely different characters. I like Tenzen (voiced by J.Ok. Simmons) and his incapacity to maintain his cool since he has each his father (Aang) and his mom’s (Katara) traits. I am keen on Bolin, particularly when he turns into a film star. And how will you not love Varrik (“Zhu li, do the factor.”)? It’s not that the characters on TLOK are unhealthy, it’s simply that they’re not those from ATLA, which matches to my subsequent level.

Older Aang

5. It Would Have Been Higher If We Had Simply Seen the Characters From Avatar All Grown Up Fairly Than Getting Korra

What detractors will say: What the followers of ATLA would have most well-liked was to see the adventures of Aang, Toph, Zuko, Katara, and Sokka as adults.

Counterpoint: I imply, I suppose that might have been cool, however it simply has a Saved By the Bell: The School Years really feel to me. I a lot favor seeing the subsequent Avatar in line. I additionally favor the flashbacks and the way the earlier characters who aren’t lifeless have aged considerably. It form of makes me consider the latest Star Wars trilogy, and the way having the previous characters in these new motion pictures form of detracted from giving the brand new characters the highlight. However, then once more, I favored The Final Jedi (“Let the previous die.”), so make of that what you’ll.

Korra making a face

6. Korra Is An Unlikable Protagonist. Aang Was So A lot Higher

What detractors will say: Korra is only a awful protagonist, and I can’t get invested in The Legend of Korra as a result of I don’t like her.

Counterpoint: Korra is certainly fairly unlikeable in the beginning of the collection, however that’s intentional. She’s speculated to be brash and hot-headed. It solely makes her eventual change that extra resonant. Korra makes lots of errors and could be very completely different from Aang, however her development is substantial, and by the top of the collection, she’s a tremendous character who’s gone by means of some fairly traumatic stuff. So all I can say is stick together with her. In the end, I discover her private journey extra satisfying than Aang’s.

And people are simply a few of the main causes folks despise The Legend of Korra. However what do you suppose? Have I satisfied you that TLOK has so much to supply? Hold forth within the feedback part under.

What are your emotions on The Legend of Korra?




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